May 2022 - Can you feel the passion infusing your relationship as sexy Venus falls under the influence of hot Aries starting on May 2? To say you don’t feel as much like your shy self would be an understatement, Cancer. Bae is beyond surprised and turned on when you make the first move—maybe several times a day!

You’re an extremely loving and sympathetic partner when doting asteroid Ceres enters your domestic, comforting sign on the fifteenth, and for the near future you’re probably eager and willing to put your sweetie’s needs before your own. Which is fine, but don’t lose yourself in the process.

Your lovely leader mother moon experiences a full phase and lunar eclipse while visiting intense Scorpio on May 15 as well, which elevates your suspicions and puts ugly little doubts in your head. The last thing you want is to be made a fool of, but would your partner really do something like that to you? Wait until this hazy lunation lifts before you point any fingers.

The month ends with a social new moon in casual Gemini on the thirtieth that has you looking into your options. While you’re not necessarily looking for trouble, you’re not actively avoiding it either. This isn’t a good time to have a serious talk about commitment.

If you’re ready for love, we’re ready for you. Join eharmony today!

If you’re ready for love, we’re ready for you. Join eharmony today!

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