Libra Health Problems & Fitness

Libra Zodiac Sign

Libra Health & Wellness

Libra's Ailments: Back pain
Libra's Strengths: Visualization
Libra's Weaknesses: Short-term fixes. From downing caffeine-laden drinks to eating a ton of sugar, Libra often seeks energy in external, unhealthy ways, only to crash hard later.

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The Best Fitness Routines for Libra

Tennis, volleyball, adult soccer—Libra loves workout routines that are just as fun as they are calorie scorching. A Libra doesn't like to sweat it out solo at the gym. For this sign, the more, the merrier.

About Those Libra Back Aches

This air sign rules the kidneys, ovaries, and lower back, making cramps common. Libras frequently finds themselves battling a vague ache in their lower back. This could be partly psychosomatic, the consequence of sitting in one place for too long, which is something that Libra often does on a psychic level. Because Librans so torn between decisions, they often end up doing nothing, "sitting" on any possibility—which manifests in an achy back.

While alternative medicine treatments (including massage, acupuncture, and cupping) can be helpful, Libras should consider their back twinge as a prompt to just make a move. It doesn't matter if it's the "right" move—after a certain point, any move is better than sitting still. A Libra can also head to the gym and get moving in fun ways. Running, jumping, or joining a sports team can remind this sign that motion is positive, which can manifest in the way that they conduct their decision process.

The Top 10 Ways Libra Can Beat the Blues

A bad mood can really bring Libras down, mostly because they tend to focus on the glass as half empty. While distractions can help, Libra also needs to feel the feelings and find solutions on his or her own terms to get past the bad mood. Here are ten ways to jumpstart the process:

  1. Take a shower. Luxury-loving Libra finds that a shower with all the aromatherapy, lotions, and scrubs can make him or her feel a little better. When Librans look good, they feel good—or at least better.
  2. Have a party. They can tell it like it is and call it a "pity party." Libras love finding things to celebrate—even bad moods—and inviting people to commiserate with them over a bottle or two of wine can remind them of all the good stuff that they've got going for them.
  3. Listen to opera. The Scales love music and may find that the florid drama of classic opera to best suit their mood. Those piercing arias and booming anvil choruses can actually help lift their spirits.
  4. Do Yoga. Libras crave balance, which is what yoga is all about. Stretching out and doing some asanas will center them like few other things can.
  5. Rearrange the decor. Design-focused Libras love feeling like their home is their hideaway, and losing themselves in an interior design project can help them forget their mood.
  6. Update social media. For Libra, image can be everything, and crafting a social media post that looks good—even if confusion reigns IRL—can make him or her feel in control.
  7. Talk it out. Even if they're just talking to themselves, actually saying the words out loud can help Librans untangle a problem and figure out the best fix.
  8. Put on PJs. Yes, image matters to this sign, and they'll often dress up even when they're home alone. But putting on super soft, comfy pajamas is a powerful act of self-care that can remind Libra of how much he or she matters.
  9. Talk to a stranger. Whether it's the barista at the café or someone in line at the grocery store, striking up a conversation with a stranger invigorates Libra.
  10. Find a mantra. Libra finds power in words, and looking through quote books or poems for the words to match his or her feelings can be a powerful step in moving on.

Healing Herbs for Libra

Catnip: Just as it energizes kittens to play for hours, this herb, in either a tea or aromatherapy, can crank up Libra's energy while reducing anxiety and restlessness.

Elderberry: Brewed in a tea, this antioxidant can bring out Libra's natural beauty, especially in calming down skin.

Bergamot: Diffused as an essential oil, this herb can help sweep away Libra's tension and anxiety.

St. John's Wort: As a supplement or in a tea, St. John's wort can help with those minor aches, pains, and back twinges that Libra sometimes experiences.