Libra Spiritual Traits

Libra Zodiac Sign

Libra Spirituality

The Best Crystals for Libra: Citrine. This sunny stone can balance Libra's competing energies and help him or her arrive at a decision.

Libra's Healing Mantra: "What will be will be."

Libra's Spirit Color: Blue. As an air sign, Libra is drawn to the cerulean color of the sky, a reminder to always think higher.

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Libra's Spiritual Side

Librans can feel overwhelmed by the conflict raging all around them, and they often find uncomfortable interpersonal issues even in places of spiritual sanctuary. This sign always has a deep sense of their spirit and what it needs, but those needs are all too often drowned out in the everyday noise of modern life. That's ironic, because the busier Libras are, the more they need spirituality, but the less likely they'll give themselves permission to find it.

A Libra finds spirituality everywhere and may feel profound connections with nature. They also find spirituality in their nearly sacred bonds with friends and family, and they consider relationships one of their most powerful ways of connecting with and honoring their higher power.

It's not uncommon for Libras to explore different religions, even changing spiritual practices at some point in their lives. While others may call Libra indecisive, this sign will say that's a mark of their spiritual centeredness—they're willing to move toward something that feels like a better fit for them.

A Libra also finds his or her spiritual center in other practices, such as yoga, meditation, or reiki; is always willing to try something at least once (preferably more than once); and will never write off a belief or practice until they've experienced it firsthand.

Libra's Karma Boosters

Every sign has unfinished business to deal with. For Libra, this means letting go of indecisiveness, getting over a fear of what others think, and letting his or her inner voice and gut take the lead. These lessons take a lifetime, but here are some ways to begin:

  1. Go with the gut. Librans love getting insight from others, but that can sometimes sway them from what they actually need. This sign should try doing something without any outside input.
  2. Order first. Libras always order last in restaurants, because they like seeing what other people at the table are getting so that they can change their mind. For once, they should order first and stick to it.
  3. Stop gossiping. Sometimes the even-tempered Scales get annoyed. Why not? Libra is human, too! But this sign tends to whisper behind the backs of those who annoy them. Talking it out face to face with the main offender keeps the situation from getting worse.
  4. Live in the moment. Libra has a tendency to think in the future. While daydreaming is fun, it can stop this sign from living a really awesome right now.
  5. Hang out solo. That means Libra and only Libra. Getting all introspective in a roomful of people doesn't count.