Libra Celebrities

 What does a Libra celebrity have in common with their peers? Social, peaceful, and romantic, Libra celebrities know how to fall in love on and off screen. Learn more about your favorite Libra birthdays.

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Avril Lavigne

September 27 | libra
You might not guess Avril Lavigne is a Libra at first glance—and that might be due to her Scorpio moon. This rocker is another Libra who connects work with personal identity: punk in her music and punk in her life.  Photo: Glenn Francis

Bruno Mars

October 08 | libra
There’s a certain sense of humor that comes with your average Libra, and Bruno Mars has it. What other up-and-coming (at the time) artist would create a funny, satirical song about having a lazy day, with lyrics like “gonna throw my hand down my pants, ‘cause no one can tell me I can’t”? Photo: Chrizta T.

Cardi B

October 11 | libra
The most popular female rapper of the year is also known as one of the funniest, most creative, and compassionate celebrity personalities. Cardi B proves her Libra placement with her utter focus on self-creation and self-reliance. Photo: Katie Krause

Donald Glover

September 25 | libra
One of the most creative individuals of our time, Donald Glover lives a Libra life of self-creation, business smarts, and daydreaming in his music and television career. Photo: Jesse Chang


October 17 | libra
There’s a reason that many rappers are Libras, who connect work with personal identity. An attack on Eminem’s music is an attack on the man himself, and he has spent his entire career carefully crafting songs to create his own image. Photo: Sebastian Vital

Gwen Stefani

October 03 | libra
This songstress Libra embraces her sign’s qualities of beauty, harmony, relatability, and balance. The natural leader led No Doubt to the tops of the charts for years. Photo: Georges Biard

Gwyneth Paltrow

September 27 | libra
Libras are very focused on self-creation, and that’s why they often end up as entrepreneurs, like this Libra actress! Now, Gwyneth is better known for her wellness company Goop, worth over a quarter billion dollars as of this March. Photo: Georges Biard

John Mayer

October 16 | libra
Have you ever listened to a bigger daydreamer? This Libra has his head in the clouds constantly, which makes for beautiful music! Photo: Mukiru

Kate Winslet

October 05 | libra
Known as one of the friendliest actresses, this Libra still likes to stay out of the public eye and keep her family life private to balance her work and home life effectively. Photo: Andrea Raffin

Kevin Durant

September 29 | libra
This basketball star lives a Libra life of balance, serving as a leader who enjoys the responsibility of hard work with the Golden State Warriors. Photo: Keith Allison