August 2020 - The month arrives like thunder, with a full moon in your productivity sector appearing on August 3 (solar sixth house). No one knows how to work quite as effectively as you, Virgo, so now could be a time when you finish up a major work project or hear news about your employment. Since this same sector of the stars also rules your health and fitness, if something flares up and needs medical attention, handle it quickly. This is a phenomenal time to assess how you’ve been building your routine for the year so far, so take out your red pen and prioritize your schedule.

Despite the focus on work at the month’s beginning, so much of the universe is telling you to take a step back. A great deal of energy will certainly be moving into your sun sign later in the month and on into September, so this period requires you to prioritize rest, relaxation, and solitude. Healing, meditation, and reflection are especially favored now, so be sure to assess what you want to release and what you wish to soon begin.

The new moon on the eighteenth will especially highlight your need for privacy and could push you to visit a therapist, health specialist, or rehabilitation center (solar twelfth house). Yet, be not afraid, because as the sun blazes a trail into your sign on August 22, you will feel as if your garden is ready to bloom (solar first house). The coming month highlights your personal goals and life, so prepare to feel more energized, magnetic, and confident.

Standout days: 25, 27, 29
Challenging days: 2, 4, 30

Confused about your relationship? Get an Accurate Prediction today.

Confused about your relationship? Get an Accurate Prediction today.

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