Virgo Spiritual Traits

Virgo Zodiac Sign

Virgo Spirituality

The Best Crystals for Virgo: Red jasper. A nurturing stone, jasper can help keep Virgos grounded and remind themselves that they are their best exactly as they are.

Virgo's Healing Mantra: "I am perfect, just as I am."

Virgo's Spirit Color: White/silver. Wearing either color or focusing on it during meditation can connect Virgos to their higher power and stop them from getting too mired down in earthly details.

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Virgo's Spiritual Side

With a deep emotional reserve, Virgo is born with the innate sense that there's more to life than what he or she can see. But Virgos are also rational and science-focused, tending to get too caught up in the why of things. While this detail-oriented attitude helps them in the real world, it can leave them feeling jaded, confused, and alone when it comes to spiritual matters.

This sign usually finds success blending the rituals that work best for them. While some Virgos find comfort, solace, and meaning in the rituals of organized religion, others prefer to develop a personal spiritual practice. Above all, a Virgo may find that his or her quest for meaning is a lifelong endeavor, and that reading spiritual teachings is key for their spiritual journey.

Virgo needs time and space for personal reflection, and they find a lot of meaning in nature. Making time to watch a sunrise or sunset, journal by an ocean, or even just take a long walk to nowhere can help them tap into that inner Divine.

Virgo's Karma Boosters

Every sign has unfinished business to deal with. For Virgo, this includes letting go of perfection and embracing good enough. While it takes a lifetime to learn this skill, regularly incorporating these practices can help Virgos become their best selves:

  1. Don't triple check. Sending an email to a friend? Resist the urge to edit three times. So what if there's a spelling mistake or two?
  2. Dance. Not only that, dance while people are watching. Virgos tend to hold back on the dance floor, but shaking it in public can help them let it go!
  3. Go out in pajamas. By heading to a coffee shop in what they've slept in, Virgos can embrace imperfection (not to mention that it's super comfy).
  4. Don't harp on a small issue. Yes, Virgo's partner was late for a date, and he or she is sorry. Subject closed. There's no need to keep talking about it all night.
  5. Try a new dish at a restaurant. It's a small start, but stepping outside of that old comfort zone by trusting the waiter's recommendation instead of combing Yelp for hours is a powerful way to remind Virgo that sometimes surprises are a good thing.