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Best gifts: Fresh flowers, luxe candles, and elegant photo frames. For Virgos, presentation is everything, and they can't resist a pretty package.

Best spa package: For Virgos, mani/pedis are practically religion even for men. A full set of super-polished digits makes Virgo feel pretty and powerful.

Best Cocktail: A vodka soda. This drink is clean, precise, and easily Instagrammable as long as the lime is cut just so.

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Get Love Insights for FREE - celebrate the month of love and connect with a Keen Advisor now!

How Virgo Unwinds

A walk through a museum, reading a new book, attending a lecture at a nearby college campus the more stressed Virgo is, the more he or she can relax by thinking about something else. This earth sign also needs regular doses of Vitamin D and finds walks outside especially wandering around an unfamiliar city to be wonderfully therapeutic.

Virgo's Social Life

Virgos are adept at socializing in a variety of settings, and they're charming to new people, but all of this takes a toll on their energy. While many people want to become Virgo's friend, this sign is extremely choosy about who they let into their social circle, and they have a less-is-more attitude when it comes to friends. Virgins are happy meeting up with a few key people for a glass of wine or a movie night, and they prefer to skip large parties. They keep their friends for life, and their social circle is usually made up of people they've known since childhood. Virgos are extremely invested in their relationships, including the romantic ones, and once they do find a partner, they cherish their one-on-one time, and may eschew invitations involving larger groups.

Virgo's Favorite Season

Born in late August and early September, Virgos are obsessed with #sweaterseason. They love the fresh start of fall and, as lifelong learners, still get a thrill from back-to-school season, even if it's been years since they were inside a classroom. Virgo tends to get lethargic in summer and hates being stuck indoors during the winter.

The Best Vacations for Virgo

This cerebral sign adores getting to know new cultures, and couldn't be happier than when they're roaming the streets of an unfamiliar city, looking for the best latte. While Virgos won't say no to the beach (they do love warm weather), that beach vacation needs to be interspersed with culture. A Virgo finds museums relaxing, and is usually the type who wants to read every single plaque on every single display.

Virgo's Power Colors

Virgo is a quiet force to be reckoned with. This mutable earth sign may seem placid, but ruling planet Mercury ensures that there's a lot going on beneath the surface. Here are the best colors to bring out Virgo's strength:

White: This pure, energetic color speaks to Virgo's clarity of purpose and constant quest for the truth. White brings out Virgo's inner warrior.

Green: This color stabilizes and anchors an earth sign like Virgo, reminding them of what's most important in their life.

Red: The color of Mercury, Virgo's ruling planet, red can bring out the passion that sometimes lies below the Virgin's surface.

Brown: As an earth sign, Virgo is drawn to the colors that symbolize the planet we live on, and brown is an anchoring force that deeply connects all Virgos to their roots.

These are the colors that Virgo should avoid:

Black: Virgo always looks to the light, and black the absence of color can drag this sign down into an abyss they'd rather avoid.

Royal blue: While mutable Virgo does well in blues, a deep, dark shade of this color can be too much for such a light-seeking sign.

Gold: Showy, ostentatious, and "look at me" noticeable, gold is at odds with Virgo, who tends to come in like the moon subtly, but still on full display.