Virgo Celebrities

What does a Virgo celebrity have in common with their peers? Precise, thoughtful, and with unrivaled attention to detail, Virgo celebrities know how to memorize all their lines. Learn more about your favorite Virgo birthdays.

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Adam Sandler

September 09 | virgo
If Jack Black is on this list, then so is comedian Adam Sandler! The funny man has his own production company and maintains his prolific movie career year after year. Photo: Angela George


September 04 | virgo
One of the most famous Virgos, Beyoncé exudes confidence, sensuality, and nonchalant glamor. But not all Virgos are perfect, as Beyoncé also deals with artistic perfectionism—great for her fans, but it is difficult to produce masterpieces consistently. Photo: Tony Duran

Bill Murray

September 21 | virgo
Another Virgo comedian, Bill Murray is one of the most legendary comedians and actors of our generation. Her wit cannot be stopped, and avoiding negativity is easy when you’re that funny! Photo: Siebbi

Blake Lively

August 25 | virgo
A beautiful Virgo, Blake Lively was born to be in the entertainment industry. However, her avoidance of negativity and press in general makes her more private than many Virgos. But that sophistication and positive energy can’t be hidden. Photo: Century Black

Cameron Diaz

August 30 | virgo
Virgo is part of the “House of Health,” the Sixth House in the astrological birth chart. Filled with endless youth in her lively personality and ageless beauty, this Virgo inspires us all to be our healthiest and most beautiful selves. Photo: Glyn Lowe

Chris Pine

August 26 | virgo
Another charming Virgo actor! This Star Trek and Wonder Woman star might also have that classic Virgo commitment phobia—this is a sign who only settles down with the best. The 37-year-old is still single. Photo: Gage Skidmore

Dr. Phil

September 01 | virgo
Virgos tend to have a fix-it personality and compassion for those who are less fortunate, which suits Dr. Phil’s job as a TV doctor well.

Jack Black

August 28 | virgo
Virgos are known for being down-to-earth and more socially aware than many of the signs, and Jack Black is no exception. His comedy is classic and comprehensible—even if he works in a lot of fart jokes. Photo: vagueonthehow

Jada Pinkett Smith

September 19 | virgo
Married to Libra Will Smith, this Virgo is full of talent and sophistication. Her skills include acting, singing, and running the Will and Jada Smith Family Foundation! Photo: Dominick D

Jimmy Fallon

September 19 | virgo
Virgos are the strongest communicators of all the zodiac signs, and Jimmy Fallon might be the strongest of them all—after all, he’s built a career off it. From his early days at SNL to hosting The Tonight Show, this Virgo has always had a gift for being able to make just about anyone laugh. Photo: Montclair Film Festival