April 2021 - Embrace your heart’s passions, Aquarius. As Mars, the mighty red planet, sizzles alluringly in your solar fifth house of romance and fertility, it’s time to dive into pleasure. This transit began last month and continues until April 23. Single Aquarians must use this fuel to chase after love and search for a soul-mate connection. Committed ones may use this firepower to heat up their connection once again, as well as pursue pregnancy if you like. Those with a creative urge could feel especially inspired and create at least one masterpiece during this time.

Beyond this, April has other areas of importance too. The sun, Mercury, Venus, and new moon inhabit your solar third house of communication in the early part of the month. The eleventh could bring a dawning regarding the way you approach a writing, speaking, or advertising initiative. Focus on the messages most important to you and how you explain yourself.

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The planets next shift toward your solar fourth house of domesticity, and as the sun joins the parade on April 19, you may be enjoying more time at home. In the month ahead, you could consider updating your space, moving, or handling some crucial family matters.

The big milestone of the month is surely in your professional sphere when the full moon rises at nightfall in your solar tenth house on the twenty-sixth. This could bring a promotion, achievement, or opportunity to rise as a leader. Use this energy to stand in your glory or shift your gaze to new heights that you’d like to conquer.

Standout days: 6, 10, 26
Challenging days: 17, 22, 24

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