Dec 4, 2023 - Dec 10, 2023 - The House of Flowers (Netflix): The week begins with lover planet Venus entering your ninth house of worldly travel, so a steamy foreign show like The House of Flowers is just what you're craving. In this fun and soapy Spanish-language series, a wealthy family's secrets come spilling out in an over-the-top fashion after the patriarch's mistress decides to stir up some drama. It's campy, funny, sexy — and with three seasons to stream, it's the perfect thing to watch when you want to get deep into a show.

Bonus Pick: Your modern ruler, Neptune — also known as the planet of dreams — is wrapping up its retrograde in your sign this week, putting you in a deeper connection with your fantasies and subconscious. That's why you'll appreciate the themes explored in the independent horror film Come True, streaming on Hulu. This artsy and visually striking movie follows a teenage runaway who decides to participate in a sleep study, through which she begins a descent into a haunting dreamworld that blends her nighttime visions with her waking life. As a mystical and symbolism-oriented Pisces, we know you'll be left thinking about this one for days.

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Get a FREE Love & Relationship Reading with a Keen Psychic to gain clarity today!

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Pisces signs have a peaceful and gentle presence about them, with an uncanny ability to tap into the emotions of the collective.

They're extremely malleable and need to be careful of who they surround themselves with. Since they are hyper-intuitive, they can sometimes become disconnected–making it important for this water sign to ground often.Learn More

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