Your June 2018 Horoscope Says to Get *Ish Done This Month


On June 1, 2018

In Astrology

Your June 2018 Horoscope Says to Get *Ish Done This Month

Don’t expect things to slow down in June. In fact, life’s about to heat up — even though summer doesn’t officially start until the summer solstice on June 21. The month opens with a lovely Venus and Neptune aspect on the 2nd when you’re bound to feel dreamy and romantic. Get in touch with what you’ve been fantasizing about and then start networking with the right people and researching how to make that fantasy come to life when the planet of communication, Mercury, is conjunct with the sun in its home sign of Gemini on the 5th.

Once the planet of illusion and creativity, Neptune, turns retrograde on the 18th, staying that way until November 24, and Mars goes retrograde in Aquarius on June 26, you may feel like the wind has left your sails a bit. Use the surprise factor of the moon’s meet up with Uranus in Taurus on the 10th as well as the momentum of the Gemini new super moon on June 13 to think about innovative ways to hit your goals.

The sun shines its warmth on matters of the home, family and memory when it moves into Cancer on the 21st, also the summer solstice. By the time of the June 27 full moon in Capricorn, conjunct with Saturn, you’ll be glad you laid the groundwork and will know exactly what your next steps are.

Astrology Dates to Remember:

Venus-Neptune trine – June 2

Sun and Mercury conjunct in Gemini – June 5

Venus opposes Pluto – June 5

Moon-Uranus conjunction – June 10

Mercury moves into Cancer – June 12

Super new moon in Gemini – June 13

Neptune turns retrograde – June 18

Sun enters Cancer – June 21

Mars retrograde in Aquarius – June 26

Full moon in Capricorn conjunct with Saturn – June 27

June 2018 Monthly Horoscopes

Aries June Horoscope

Socializing with friends and sticking close to home may appeal to you during the June 13 new moon. Forget sitting in traffic when you could have just as much in your own neighborhood or backyard. Have fun with easygoing people — and then who knows what the full moon will bring? Read your entire Aries monthly horoscope.

Taurus June Horoscope

Watch the zeros get added on to you bank balance (music to a Taurus’ ears) with the new moon on the thirteenth. If an offer seems too good to be true, be wise and remain skeptical, but don’t hesitate if the opportunity looks solid. Read your entire Taurus monthly horoscope.

Gemini June Horoscope

June opens with Mercury and the sun in Gemini, so your mind is on fire. But when Mercury enters Cancer on June 12, your thoughts turn to home, domestic concerns, and finishing up an important lingering project. Get organized, tidy up and then enjoy some downtime – you earned it. Read your entire Gemini monthly horoscope.

Cancer June Horoscope

On June 21, the sun enters Cancer and summer begins — it’s your season, Cancer. Hang time with friends and family are more important than ever, so use these connections to nourish yourself with love. An iffy romantic interest may show more promise around the June 27 full moon, but is it too little too late or should you just have fun with it? Read your entire Cancer monthly horoscope.

Leo June Horoscope

While the moon is new on June 13, spread your wings and fly. Do what you do best and charm the pants off everyone. You might not have a lot of deep conversations, but that’s OK. Go flirt and keep it casual. Read your entire Leo monthly horoscope.

Virgo June Horoscope

On June 5, when the sun and Mercury meet in Gemini, your intuition is crystal clear. Take a look around you, around the world, and take stock. Work and play get mixed when the moon is full on June 27. Get serious about a personal passion and use that enthusiasm to put the finishing touches on it. Read your entire Virgo monthly horoscope.

Libra June Horoscope

On June 5, Venus opposes Pluto. If a love interest ghosts you or seems to be playing mind games, remain calm and carry on. Your mind could be going in a million directions when the moon is new on June 13. Stay open, enquiring and grounded. Read your entire Libra monthly horoscope.

Scorpio June Horoscope

On June 26, Mars turns retrograde and won’t be direct again until August 27. This gives you plenty of time to slow down and focus on something with a lot of precision and care. Read your entire Scorpio monthly horoscope.

Sagittarius June Horoscope

On June 1, you’re going to feel love as emotions run deep and wide when Venus trines Jupiter. Remember, being generous doesn’t mean you’re one-upping each other. Feel the sparkle of romance in the air during the new moon on June 13. Read your entire Sagittarius monthly horoscope.

Capricorn June Horoscope

Your standards – and expectations — level up when the full moon meets Saturn in Capricorn on June 27. You deserve a partner who is responsible and mature, so ask for it. But with the sun opposing Saturn that day, too, you could get embroiled in a power struggle, especially at home. Is it worth it? Read your entire Capricorn monthly horoscope.

Aquarius June Horoscope

Take them by surprise during the moon-Uranus conjunction on June. As long as you’re not devil-may-care about it, and cross your t’s and dot your i’s, it will work. For the June 13 new moon, revisit a personal passion that’s been languishing for a while. Go it alone if you have to. Read your entire Aquarius monthly horoscope.

Pisces June Horoscope

Neptune turns retrograde on June 18 and remains so until November 24. Take this time to let go of your high expectations and enjoy what is truly sweet, fragile and romantic about life. Sometimes it’s the little things. The full moon on June 27 has an interesting impact on your social life. Read your entire Pisces monthly horoscope. —By Kathy Watts & The Editorial Staff

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