May 27, 2024 - Jun 2, 2024 - Monday’s Mercury-Saturn sextile is giving off diplomatic vibes, so it should be relatively easy for you to let someone down. This balanced aspect strengthens your ability to communicate clearly and considerately, which will be appreciated in awkward dating situations.

Because rigid earth sign Taurus is influencing the uneven Mercury-Uranus conjunction on Thursday, it can disrupt the harmony and balance you work so hard to maintain. If you really like someone but can’t find effective ways to communicate, you know it won’t work in the long term. It might be best to go your separate ways before you become even more attached.

Your subconscious will be trying to find a way to get through to you over the weekend thanks to an intuitive Mercury-Neptune sextile whose main goal is to open your third eye. You can make a valuable spiritual connection with a higher power now that offers intense wisdom into your love life. And once you see the truth, Libra, you won’t be able to unsee it.

Get a FREE Love & Relationship Reading with a Keen Psychic to gain clarity today!

Get a FREE Love & Relationship Reading with a Keen Psychic to gain clarity today!

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Known for their diplomacy and harmonious energy, Libra is one of the most laid-back members of the zodiac.

They are extremely relationship-oriented but can sometimes prioritize their partner's needs over their own. This Venus ruled sign has a keen eye for aesthetics with impeccable personal style and well decorated homes.Learn More

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