May 2024 - Why have you been questioning yourself so much lately, Leo? If you’ve been through a breakup or divorce that has you doubting your date-ability, the sun-Saturn sextile on May 6 should return some of the confidence you lost and help you remember that you’re amazing and anyone would be lucky AF to have you!

The sun is your cosmic leader, and as it conjoins expansive Jupiter in Taurus and your authority zone on the eighteenth, you really look like you know what you’re talking about. You might not want to throw the word “expert” around, but you do know a lot about love. And when you use that knowledge to help someone out of a romantic conundrum, they’ll be forever thankful.

The sun leaves Taurus for Gemini on May 20, welcoming in a month of romantic freedom and curiosity. You love the airy feel of this transit, and you aren’t in a hurry to get serious with anyone. Even if you meet someone you feel could be your soul mate now, you just get their contact info and keep moving.

Reignite passion with a Love & Relationship Psychic reading! Get started for FREE

Reignite passion with a Love & Relationship Psychic reading! Get started for FREE

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Warm, artistic, and protective of the ones they love, Leos make great friends and companions.

They are confident and larger-than life, easily charming the people they encounter. However, this sign can be dramatic from time to time, especially if they feel disrespected. They feel passionately about their personal interests but need to be mindful that they show interest in the lives of those around them as well.Learn More

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