May 2022 - On May 1, an inspiring sextile forms between lovely Venus in your dreamy sign and regenerative Pluto in driven Capricorn, putting you in the mood to do some serious soul-searching. This aspect offers you the chance to refresh and renew your spirit, which is especially helpful if you’ve been through a recent breakup or heartache. Don’t blame yourself for things that weren’t your fault, Pisces.

Are you ready to experience some fireworks? Because when entrancing Venus leaves your guarded sign for the fiery excitement of Aries on the second, you leave your reservations behind and become 100 percent open to whatever happens. And even if you’ve never fallen in love at first sight before, it doesn’t mean you won’t at some point during this “anything goes” transit!

On May 4, an aggressive Mars-Uranus sextile intrudes on your introverted tendencies and all but forces you to react to something you aren’t really a part of (or don’t want to be). Make your reply brief so you don’t get swept up in someone else’s messy relationship drama.

Devoted asteroid Vesta says goodbye to logical Aquarius and hello to the soft, sensitive energy of your water sign on the twenty-fourth, opening up spiritual, soulful doors that can help advance your love life. Be open to your psychic abilities now by listening closely to your inner voice and interpreting the symbolism of your dreams.

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