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The Best Toys for a Sagittarius Child

Cars, trucks, trains. Sagittarius children are entranced with anything that can help them get from point A to point B, and transportation toys ignite their wanderlust.

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The Best Activities for a Sagittarius Child

Happy Sagittarius kids love exploring their world, and find nature walks to collect acorns, leaves, and sticks to be exciting, especially if they’re going with Mom or Dad or another relative. Sagittarius loves plenty of hustle and bustle and loves seeing the world—bringing them grocery shopping may seem like a chore for other signs, but tiny Sags love watching the hustle and bustle of the aisles while sitting in a cart.

Books Every Sagittarius Child Must Read

Intelligent, adventurous, and up for anything, Sags love reading from an early age, and often find well-loved books to be like friends. Here, some best books for Sagittarius kids.

The Polar Express, Chris Van Allsburg. The classic story of a boy’s trip to the North Pole will ignite a Sagittarius imagination, allowing them to realize just how magical the world can be.

I am Jane Goodall, Brad Meltzer. A book imagining the life of explorer and primate expert Jane Goodall as a young girl, this book is ideal for small Sagittarius explorers to realize that there is a whole world out there to explore.

The Girl Who Drank the Moon, Kelly Barnhill. Sagittarius kids will love this Newberry Medal winning book about acceptance, tolerance, and never taking no for an answer.

The Best Names for a Sagittarius Child

An intense explorer, the Archer is always looking for the why behind any phenomenon. A Sagittarius may be a future scientist or explorer, so give him or her a name that honors that searching personality.

The Best Names for Sagittarius Boys: Honor his need to conquer the world by naming him after a famous landmark or explorer. Think Everest, Shackleton, or Hudson. Or draw inspiration from the world of science: Albert (Einstein), Isaac (Newton), Charles (Darwin), Stephen (Hawking), and Nikola (Tesla) are good inspiration.

The Best Names for Sagittarius Girls: As with her Sagittarius brother, honor your Sag girl's adventurous personality. Draw inspiration from explorers like Margaret (Mead), Freya (Stark) or Sylvia (Earle). Or look to women who broke boundaries in the sciences: Ada (Lovelace), Rachel (Carson), or Alice (Ball).

How to Parent the Sagittarius Child

Happy, low-key, and always up for anything, a Sagittarius child can seem both wise beyond their years and innately full of childhood wonder, all at the same time. A Sagittarius child is independent and full of confidence, and the best way to parent may be to stand back and allow them to follow their own interests. That’s not to say a Sagittarius kid doesn’t need guidance—they do, but they love to learn alongside their parents, and pick up if you’re only pretending to be interested by what interests them. Learning to tap into their innate fascination can make life fun for both of you. Are they into dinosaurs? Time to learn everything you can about the prehistoric creatures, and pick up everything from picture books to reference tomes at the local library. The more you model deep and passionate interest in the world, the more your little Sag will, too.

A Sagittarius kid may test your patience, but not because they want to annoy you. It’s just that they have a very clear idea of what they want, and can’t necessarily fall in line—it’s not in their nature. Giving them a wide berth, and giving them the space to safely stumble, is key for raising a successful Sag. It’s also key to speak to small Sags—even toddlers—about the "why" behind a rule. If you don’t have a good reason (ie, we brush our teeth so our teeth stay healthy; we don’t run in the street because we could get hurt) then maybe you might need to question if the rule truly needs to be in place. A Sag appreciates logic, and wants to be the best child they can be. Here, three more ways to parent a Sagittarius.

Hit the road. These little adventurers love traveling and learning about new places and the people who live there. Even a drive to a nearby city to check out a different park will excite them.

Cheer up. Sagittarians are particularly cheery and known for their positive outlook. Don’t be too quick to squelch this tendency with too much "real world" pessimism, and they’ll grow into happy, positive adults.

Give an allowance. With their natural inclination toward generosity and impulsiveness, your little Sag will need early lessons in money management to avoid issues later in life.

All About the Sagittarius Teenager

A Sagittarius teen knows who they are and knows what they want, and their confidence may take your breath away. They are passionate about social justice, and will always stand up and speak out about something they think is unfair. A Sagittarius teen is very intelligent, but may bristle under the rules and structure of school, and may not see the point of doing homework. A Sagittarius teen can often see through the BS of adults, and can be incredibly passionate and idealistic.

It’s important a Sagittarius teen finds their own interests and passions, and support them by giving them the time and space to do what they wish to do. A Sagittarius teen doesn’t need to hear a hollow "good job," but loves when a parent respects them, allowing them to be a teacher for a bit. A Sagittarius teen is a great role model for younger kids, and a position as a camp counselor can give them the independence they need while being a mentor. A Sagittarius teen usually gets the travel bug early, and may want to go on a trip without their family while still a teen. This is a sign of a parenting job well done! Although they may wander the globe, a Sagittarius teen keeps their family close to their heart—trust that.

A Sagittarius Teen Likes

Nature: A big backyard is a plus for a Sag teen. No backyard? Finding nearby trails and nature walks can be a great way for them to escape.

Tradition: Sagittarius teens may not be traditional per se, but they like the stability of having a family go-to ritual, like going to a certain vacation spot or having pancakes for breakfast on a birthday. As they get older, small rituals—catchphrases, notes slipped under their door—take on more meaning.

Self-expression: Let your Sag teen dye their hair blue and consider their plea for a tattoo. The more you allow a Sagittarius teen to express themselves in an authentic way, the happier they will be.

A Sagittarius Teen’s Dislikes

Bedtimes: Sag teens love burning the midnight oil, and sometimes find an all-nighter produces much better work than trying a slow and steady schedule. Let them follow their internal body clock.

Breakfast. Let them eat the leftovers from last night’s dinner and everyone will be happy. A Sag teen doesn’t see the need to fit food into categories.

Family photo shoots. Skip the matching plaid sweaters and consider candid pics for holiday cards; while Sag teens love family, they hate artifice and may see staged family photos as "fake."

Sagittarius as Parents

How does a Sagittarius personality mesh (or clash) with their offspring’s? Here’s how any Sagittarius be an amazing parent to any kid in the zodiac:

Sagittarius Parent, Aries Child

Two fire signs, Aries and Sagittarius are intense times two. This can be a great pair, but their blunt honesty can sometimes result in hurt feelings. Both sides need to learn the art of compromise.

Sagittarius Parent, Taurus Child

Adventurous Sagittarius may be bemused by slow and steady Taurus, even while admiring their stubborn get it done streak. Both signs see the bright side of life, and both love adventure.

Sagittarius Parent, Gemini Child

Both imaginative, adventurous, and bold, this can be a sweet pairing. A Sagittarius parent only needs to remember that they’re in charge, and rules are good for their Gemini kids.

Sagittarius Parent, Cancer Child

Sagittarius may feel overwhelmed by their Cancer sign child, who may seem very emotional to stoic Sags. Sags can learn a lot from their Cancer children, but they need to remember to give plenty of space and hugs and remind their Cancer kids it truly is okay to cry.

Sagittarius Parent, Leo Child

These two signs are intense, and understand each other—sometimes a little too much. Sagittarius parents may think Leo is a little too invested in their friends and cliques, and Sagittarius can help show Leo the power of taking their own path.

Sagittarius Parent, Virgo Child

Both incredibly intelligent, this is a great pair when it comes to reading library books and deep diving into research. These signs connect on an intellectual level—stumped by a situation? A book can help bring you closer.

Sagittarius Parent, Libra Child

Both adventurous and curious, this can be a good pair, but Sag parents should be aware that their little Libra can be sensitive, and may take off the cuff comments to heart.

Sagittarius Parent, Scorpio Child

This pair can be intense and dynamic. Scorpio kids have feelings that run deep, and Scorpio kids can get offended if they think their Sagittarius parent is minimizing their feelings. Recognize that Scorpio feelings are big, intense, and real.

Sagittarius Parent, Sagittarius Child

You understand each other better than anyone, for better or worse. You both need to give each other space and independence, and recognize the need of a tiny Sag kid for privacy—even as toddlers, they have a complex, imaginative world and may not always want you invited inside.

Sagittarius Parent, Capricorn Child

Sagittarius parents love the fierce intelligence of their Capricorn kids, but sometimes feel like their Capricorn kids are "too good" and want them to bend or break the rules a little. Helping them learn how to rebel is a fun activity for Sag parents.

Sagittarius Parent, Aquarius Child

Passionate, independent, and idealistic, this is an ideal parent-child match. The only concern for Sagittarius parents is to remember that they are the parent, as it may be tempting to break the rules together—not good for parents!

Sagittarius Parent, Pisces Child

Pisces kids can be intense, and Sagittarius parents need to honor, respect, and learn how to communicate with the rolling emotions a Pisces kid experiences on the regular. Both adventurous, Pisces and Sagittarius child-parent pairs love planning adventures and can even make a trip to the grocery store special.