May 2024 - Teacher Saturn is in your selfless sign when it sextiles the sun on May 6, reminding you that while taking care of your partner is a valuable trait, it’s also important to be gentle with yourself. Setting healthy boundaries and prioritizing self-care is crucial to your own well-being, which will help you be a better long-term partner.

Imaginative Neptune is also in your intuitive sign during its sextile with the warm sun on the nineteenth, which encourages you to dream big. You have a sense now that the things you really want are right in front of you, waiting for you to manifest them in your life. This is a great time for you and bae to make a vision board showing all of your hopes for the relationship in the future.

On May 23, an ethereal Jupiter-Neptune sextile brings a heightened connection to your subconscious, creating a sense of hope, inspiration, and creativity. This aspect also increases your compassion and empathy, and acting on those feelings creates abundance. You’re clearly on the right path to getting what you want, Pisces. Keep following the signs.

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Get a FREE Love & Relationship Reading with a Keen Psychic to gain clarity today!

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Pisces signs have a peaceful and gentle presence about them, with an uncanny ability to tap into the emotions of the collective.

They're extremely malleable and need to be careful of who they surround themselves with. Since they are hyper-intuitive, they can sometimes become disconnected–making it important for this water sign to ground often.Learn More

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