Apr 19, 2021 - Apr 25, 2021 - The Netflix short film, Two Distant Strangers, covers race relations, devotion to one’s pet, and the weird science behind a time loop. This is a perfect recipe for you, Aquarius. Cartoonist Carter James wakes up after a wonderful night with a lady friend and he only wants to get home to his dog, who he is devoted to. On the way, he has a deadly encounter with a police officer. Instead of meeting his death, Carter is forced to re-live this day and realizes he has to escape this time loop.

Bonus Pick: This Marvel spinoff on HBO, The New Mutants, is about teenage mutants who undergo treatments in a secret facility. It screams dystopia and conspiracy—two things that fascinate you, Aquarius. Mutants Mirage, Wolfsbane, Cannonball, Sunspot, and Magik are invited by Dr. Celia Reyes to share their experiences and memories. However, this stay turns dark when the teens question why they are being held and if someone is trying to destroy them. The film is based on the comic of the same name and shows us the next generation of mutants after the X-Men.

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