2019: Year of the Earth Pig

In Chinese culture, Pigs are great blessings that enhance life tremendously. This is why the Pig heralds a prosperous year.

The year 2019 is particularly auspicious for enveloping everything in a positive atmosphere. The earthy element says "grounding." It represents slow, steady progress within one's comfort zone, exactly the pace Oxen and Dogs naturally love. Dragons and Horses might think it a mountainous speed bump that's even worse than last year, but they'll wrap up each day making slow but sure progress.

The Pig is a "traveling star" of optimism and new life. What do you want to do with it? Do you want to continue shoring up your relationships? Do you want to advance your achievements from the past Dog year? You have the earthy Pig's endurance to help you follow a plan and get it done.

Animals with drive, like Tigers and Horses, grow more cautious and move forward at a more measured pace. Rabbits turn leaps into hops. Snakes aren't rushing into temptation, no matter what. Impulsive Roosters temper the flash and quit flapping after every opportunity.

This brings us to the twelve-year cycle. The Pig is the last of the animals in the Chinese zodiac. The end of each dozen years marks a time for clearing up and cleaning out. It is also a time to contemplate things like, if you continue doing what you've done in the past, will you continue getting what you've gotten? Perhaps. Don't just wish for something better in the next twelve years. Make it happen.

This means you, too, Oxen, the ones who do not like change. And you, pessimistic Goat, who isn't always able to see that changes can also be good things. Only pessimists must deal with unpleasant stars. It's all in the attitude.

The end of the year with the practical, sensible, earthy Pig forces Monkeys and Pigs not to overdo it when it comes to life's pleasures. You'll learn how to have fun more simply. It is a lesson in responsible enjoyment.

Pigs, you are in your own year, and Rats, you are on the threshold of your year. Reorganize first and improvements will follow. Bear in mind that in any Chinese animal year, the easiest things to accomplish are those in the areas of life that the animal governs.

The year of the earth Pig is about protection, nurturing, and a direct and simple approach. The Pig is love. Work on your close relationships and repair friendships, if necessary. The Pig's yin energy is free flowing, yet within yin is great strength. In 2019, reach out and make friends with the Pig. Be honest when reading the above. You may not be a Monkey, but you probably have an "inner animal" that gets you into trouble.

It is the earthy Pig that can help you find the middle way between going full-tilt and doing nothing this year. The year 2019 teaches you how to apply appropriate behavior and focus on enriching your life in the next twelve-year cycle.