Does a good year lie ahead for Dragons? Now that you ask, how many years aren’t auspicious in the Dragon’s world? The exception would be snags that might surface during a year of the Dog. Wait! That was 2018, wasn’t it? Why yes, it was.

Year of the Dragon is here! Find out what's in store for you!

You can recoup anything you may have lost with the help of your friend, the happy Pig. You are a balanced and centered Dragon with this muse. You are also in your element and on the safe side of excessive after last year, in case you went a bit too far.

The Pig is the end of the twelve-year animal cycle, always a transitional time of loose ends. Actually, you have been building up to this point since the year of the Snake (the year following that of the Dragon), which is halfway through the animal cycle.

So, where are you at your cyclical rejuvenation? Are you anticipating an outside-the-box ending? Does the latter coincide with starting to move toward your objectives almost a dozen years ago? Hopefully, you healed difficulties in preparation for the positive years of the Pig and Rat, which create two stellar years that are even better for you when heavy, old baggage could drain your luck.

Needless to say, 2019 is a big year for Dragons. The July 16 Capricorn lunar eclipse and the December 26 Capricorn solar eclipse make the Saturn-ruled sign key. This is the Saturn symbolic of “grow up”! (There’s a message there!)

Xi xi yang yang: The wish is for good luck and prosperity all over for you in the Chinese year of the earth Pig.


Love can be as enchanting, magical, and illusory as you are - and as solid as the ground beneath your own and your significant other’s feet. The year is a family-friendly and happy time in the process of building relationships.

This should be a more balanced year, but as you head into it in February, contemplate the twelve-year cycle in light of neglecting your own feelings and needs. Dragons draw self-confidence within relationships. How is your self-esteem? It is a temperature gauge about how bonded you are. You do great things with good support, but address whether you are confused about your feelings.

If you are a single Dragon looking for love this year, you are abloom with dazzling excitement and self-confidence. The earthy Pig sets up a speed bump with a comfortable, slower pace in 2019.

You may find yourself more commitment oriented. Are you ready for that? A large percentage of potential significant others are ready. If you are not, ensure that you send the right message. Heads up at the July 2 Cancer solar eclipse that screams “domesticity.” Love is in the air in February. In August, you and either a Monkey or a Dragon could become an item.

Family & Friends

Life stays interesting in the light of the new experiences that you, ever the cruise director on the “Dragon boat,” bring into your own life and the lives of others. You may find that so many people depend on your social expertise that it is almost a full-time job. It is one you might always enjoy - until you don’t enjoy it anymore. Relationships begin (twelve-year, FYI), they change, and they end so new relationships can begin.

This year, Dragons can expect social networking for professional reasons to continue. You are wise to maintain the friendships you accumulated in 2018, the year of the Dog, especially those that at the time didn’t seem as significant as they are going to be. You are on the same wavelength with Rats, Monkeys, Tigers, and Snakes in 2019. They grow.

There could be surprises in the 30 days following the April 5 Aries new moon. April is the Dragon month. In addition, lucky Jupiter turns retrograde in a degree that is important in early April 2019. It also ties even more significantly to the year of the Rat in 2020. Don’t overlook social media because Jupiter rules expansiveness and long distances. The lucky planet also rules higher education, and classrooms of all types are gathering places for people. Travel is broadening.


In this earthy year, what you create has constancy. It and you are firmly rooted on the spot and solidifying the ground beneath your feet. Is it not sounding like fun? But wait! Capture this spirit and Dragons benefit. Listen when your wise inner Dragon whispers and the Pig muse cautions you to watch out, slow down, or stop when necessary. And while it may seem like nothing is moving, like the natural earth, there is always growth and movement happening below ground.

Beware that you do not overlook problems. With the positive use of the Pig’s strategic vision, analyze issues deeply when they surface. Fate respects the person who is prepared. You have to solve problems - turn lemons into lemonade - at the end of the twelve-year cycle, or guess what? The problems come right back at you at the start of the next cycle.

This is an opportune time for Dragons to expand your contacts. Someone could be just the mentor you need to help boost you up the ladder to success. You might want to remain on frenemy terms with Dogs – too close and they bite, especially in October. Rats bring you good luck. Monkeys aren’t having a stellar year. Help them now and they won’t forget you when they open a million-dollar company and need a good Dragon to share the wealth.


When it comes to money, new financial opportunities and a well-deserved promotion increase your paycheck. That can happen this year, but you have to work hard for it.

Resist the temptation to take risks with your investments. This starts with taking the time to analyze them. Look at where your money can be in low-risk/high-return investments to begin to create more passive income. The amount of passive income doesn't matter; it could be a dollar a month. This is just a symbol of what's to come.

There are more monetary benefits coming your way. While you don't show the big wins, you are receiving some very nice benefits in the form of stuff, tickets, or services. This can save you hundreds of dollars, if not more. Benefits like these come through the wide network of people you know.

In 2019, income from your career or business looks steady. Larger increases could come from a side business or jobs involving design, art, construction, and wellness.