Smile, breathe, and go slowly. It is an auspicious year for you because you are in your element, in your zone, and resonating with the Pig’s energy.

Year of the Dragon is here! Find out what's in store for you!

On February 4, 2019, the day before the Chinese year of the Pig begins, there’s a new moon in forward-thinking Aquarius bringing the promise of things to come. The element earth is where seeds start their growth process. Goats love to see things grow. You will patiently nurture and care for whatever is planted and whatever emerges from the ground. Your world, like seeds planted under the Aquarius moon, is primed for fruition, as are you.

Seasonally, you gain stability in the first half of the year, only getting better (if that’s possible) as spring moves forward. Speaking of nurturing and support, the Rabbit month of March is a stellar month for you. The Pig month of November is also auspicious. The Goat, Rabbit, and Pig are an affinity trio - supportive, creative, intuitive, and sincere. All through summer is harvest time. September, the Rooster month, brings some anxiety. December’s Rat and January’s Ox do their best to pen you in. (Not the time to make changes, btw).

This year also represents the end of a twelve-year cycle. If a good start to a year leads to a lucky year, the end of a cycle should finish it on an up note and bring positive energy to the next cycle.

Xi xi yang yang: The wish is for good luck and prosperity all over for you in the Chinese year of the earth Pig.


“How to be a better partner” could be co-written by Goats and Pigs. You both know how to touch people’s hearts. Neither you nor the Pig takes a relationship for granted. Instead, you are more observant of the other person’s needs. All this makes it very easy to tell you to just be you. Love is all around.

Challenges? We know you are an excellent mate, but one person doesn’t make a relationship. While this might be an auspicious year for you, it may not be for your partner. Quite possibly, loved ones could go around picking up negative vibes like a sponge. The challenge will be hearing “I don’t want to talk about it” too often. Maybe they’ll squawk too much, and you wish they’d just let you say something. The good news is that you know how to bring back the closeness, and your loved ones know you know.

If you are a single Goat looking for love, the search isn’t a burning push, unless of course you want it to be. The best approach to ensuring feelings and needs are mutually attuned would be to slow the process. Allow time for a new relationship to blossom. Your best connections may be with another Goat or a Horse. Rabbits share your good fortune this year and could be as in love as you are. The best place will be in groups in June. Motivate yourself to socialize in the fall. Someone is out there.

Family & Friends

Goats always have a hectic schedule, but this year make a change and take some time out for relaxing and socializing. The pace is slower and gatherings are more comfortable this year.

If you want to be with kindred spirits, people who like doing the things you enjoy doing, find out where they congregate. Don’t take up a team sport you hate when you really prefer art, music, or literature. Or discover a new interest - learn what a friend likes and try that. Make yourself comfortable whatever you are doing. That is what the year of the Pig is about.

You might discover a strong social network at work, especially in January and early February 2020. Again, you could take classes to enhance your skills, and it is another way to get to know new people or get to know an old friend better.

Volunteer. Goats are always there for others, and it is a good year for philanthropy. Whatever you give, you always get back tenfold. Uranus enters Taurus on March 6, which will motivate many toward humanitarian interests. The ruler of Aquarius is a friend to those in need. Taurus is a money sign, and charitable groups always need those who know how to raise money.

The tree’s roots grow in every direction, which is another way of looking at the earthy word “roots.” Spread your roots and expand your circle. Live. Move. Learn.

The world is calmer and more relaxed in 2019, and so are you. Not only that, you are part of why good feelings happen.


Satisfaction is as close to guaranteed as it can get this year, especially in the second half. Your creativity, ideas, and popularity with co-workers all serve you well in 2019. You could even sell a bad idea (but of course you won’t).

The year of the Pig symbolizes cooperation. A company motto might be “join or get left behind.” Showing loyalty also has deep meaning. You’ll need to be more assertive, especially when it gets a little tough in May and June. Those months might be a nice time to squeeze in your vacation because work will be busy from July through October, and you don’t want to be gone. September is for communicating - a little boasting won’t hurt.

A note here, dear Goat, is that the year of the Rat and the year of the Ox aren’t going to be as awesome for you as the year of the Pig. Make as many strides as you can. If you are contemplating looking for a new job, this is the year to do it. Luck is with you. Pig years are transitional. The most opportune times are at the change in season.


Financially, the accent on the earth element means tangible things like bank accounts and secure investments. There just isn’t a lot of security involved in putting the bottom line at risk or listening to bad financial advice.

Like last year, things can grow this year. July and August are especially positive for a financial increase when money is coming in from several sources and Goat natives often receive gifts. This year it could be food, clothing, or tech devices. Anything you don't need, consider selling or passing on as gifts to others.

Some investment in education you made previously pays off this year. This could be useful for getting a better job, or you might consider tutoring on the side. This skill could be the start of a great side hustle which could, in a future year, become a main source of income.

However, a raise could be in store for Goats if the company is having as good a year as you are.