Symbolically, the Pig is the “closer,” the last but not the least animal in the Chinese zodiac. The year 2019 is a special one because it is also the end of a twelve-year cycle. If ever the word “closer” was important, this is it. It’s time to close, finish, settle, and resolve a little more than a decade.

Year of the Dragon is here! Find out what's in store for you!

The year of the Pig is also your Ben Ming Nian year (“the attack of yourself”), and in 2019, double the above and consider it a major, major year for Pigs, a year in which you emerge stronger and better than ever.

The good news is that, like the relief pitcher who saves the baseball game, you are in your zone as the closer. Your forte is picking up the loose ends of unresolved problems, even your own.

How do you do it? November is your month, but you can’t wait until then. Begin at the Uranus transit of Taurus that starts March 6. People say it is about global markets, but let’s get personal. Unpredictable, freedom-loving Uranus meets the sign of “raging” Bull Taurus - raging once it gets going - and Uranus might provide the momentum you need. The only energy compatible with Pigs other than this happens in the month of the Rabbit, one of your best.

Xi xi yang yang: The wish is for good luck and prosperity all over in the Chinese year of the earth Pig.


Roots hold plants and trees together, but there is also additional energy at the depths. What you see on the surface is only the beginning. Roots are special support, helping you and your significant others live life, just as you do for them. The stronger the relationships, the greater the confidence everyone (including you) has. The compatible earthy energy is helpful for setting roots.

It is your year, dear Pig, but it isn’t your most auspicious. Chinese astrologers call it the “attack of yourself” - a wake-up call - but that has its good points. One, it makes you step back and reassess. Need help? The July 2 Cancer solar eclipse embodies growth in your significant other relationships. There’s nothing like an eclipse to clean slates and make room for growth, but only if you sincerely talk about the issues first (as seen below).

It won’t all be easy because a Pig year it isn’t the best for communication, unless you make it so. And even that isn’t guaranteed because significant others might not be ready to address the yearly energies. Silence doesn’t send them any message. You also have to listen. Show. Don’t tell.

If you’re still single and looking for love, get rid of old baggage first. No, I don’t mean literally toss someone out (unless it fits). Get rid of old memories that are holding you back and keeping you from getting the love you desire and deserve. Keep in mind that some relationships can never be replicated, and some of them should never rerun again. This year, the smaller the group, the greater the chance of finding the person you’re destined to meet. Don’t be in a hurry.

Family & Friends

The year’s social outlook accents magic, earthy moments of the type you and others want to remember. You’ll also find things change, and if you want to look with glass-half-full optimism, changes make each moment sweeter.

You’re in your element when it comes to intuitively knowing what makes circumstances better and creating the situation in view of that.

Pigs might choose to mingle and socialize with quiet, smaller groups of family and friends. Even they and situations are going to change, however. Certainly, there will be new discussions and new group dynamics because a lot has happened in the past eleven years. Not to worry. It is still good times.

If you’re thinking about building stronger bonds at work, don’t hesitate to make this a part of your social life in this year when networking and mixing are beneficial. Connections can be a key part of your future, when actions are karmic.

Your social life can also include relaxing hobbies in the company of others. How about exploring new interests? There are classes in which to pursue new hobbies. Be adventurous and enjoy. You can also revive a long-ago creative interest. There are classes and groups for that, too. Don’t want to go out? There are online forums. It isn’t face to face, but it’s still a good way to enter an expansive world.

The October 27 new Scorpio moon marks the transformational shift before your stellar period toward year’s end. This is an important day for strong new beginnings, or at least a vow to get on it because you’re rolling into fall, your most opportune time.


Symbolically, the fortunate Pig means fortunate business. Are you ready? Because you’ve got to mean business. No stranger to planning, for you this year it is key. In fact, it becomes karmic.

What do you have going for you? You have yourself as your guide and muse this year, but besides that you have support if you ask for it. You aren’t alone. For example, others who will have an excellent year are Goats, Tigers, Rabbits, Dragons, Horses, Roosters, and Dogs. They will help roll the tide in your favor. Combined with your integrity and inner strength, it’s a powerhouse group, and subtle. Few people will know what hit them.

The March 14 trine between earthy Mars and Saturn segues into a trine between Mars and Pluto the next week. Through March 22, you and your BFFs can move mountains. A few of your amazing feats could catch your frenemies off guard. Correct the course for success.

Challenges? Letting yin comfort and serenity lessen your energy. That’s how you fall behind. Granted, you are comfortably settled, but sometimes the taste isn’t as sweet when you think you have it made. Being too trusting is taking naivete too far.


Since it is the year of the Pig, you won’t be surprised to hear that there's a new beginning in your finances. Changes over the last few years may have left you with less money or slower growth than you’d like. You are a hard worker, but that hasn't always translated into more money.

This year, the idea is to earn smarter, not harder. You are creative and resourceful. This is a good year to explore how you can use your current skill set to bring in more money. Not sure of your skill set? This is where your friends can help.

Financially, thriftiness is living simply, which is a good thing even if you don’t have to pinch pennies. It’s a good idea to simplify because employers may focus on doing the same. A snag could surface in May, the month of the Snake. That’s when the financially focused reptile - the essence of contradiction – could tie things in knots unless your group chooses the right moment to act (and this period is it). CYA. Make sure you aren’t caught without funds. Keep some in reserve.