The Dog has had its day and now the Monkey ambles into the calming influence of the yin earth Pig. Are you curious about what the year has in store? Of course you are! Your high-spirited curiosity is part of what makes you unique.

Year of the Dragon is here! Find out what's in store for you!

On the scale of Chinese zodiac friends, neither the Dog nor Pig is on your A-list. Neither allies nor secret friends, they aren’t against you either, but it isn’t your most advantageous year (stay tuned because next year is). But we’re getting ahead of ourselves, aren’t we? It’s about this year.

Slow, slower, and slowest – the Pig is the last and the slowest of all the animals in the Chinese zodiac. As last, the Pig also is the final hurrah of the twelve-year cycle. Remember way back to 2007? That was a fire Pig. You can’t follow those rhythms, but it is still a Pig.

Balance your major efforts between February and March, but don’t burn out in the months of the Tiger and Rabbit. You’ll overwhelm them, yes, but that’s not the right move now - can you say “burn bridges”? Be the inventor, mover, shaker, and improviser, but wait until April and May when the force is with you in a more positive way. Ease off in the summer, amass energy, and return with strength in September. You built it. Reveal it in December.

Xi xi yang yang: The wish is for good luck and prosperity all over in the Chinese year of the earth Pig.


The year of the Pig embodies the winds of change in close personal relationships. Transitional times are important in your unions with others, so be optimistic while your mindset shifts, naturally, this year.

Relationship evolution under the celestial governorship of the Pig is about keeping the comfort level high during the changes. Your flexibility, mental dexterity, and willingness to learn are icing on the proverbial cake, and they’re qualities that help others adjust, too, but you’ve got to do it right.

Charmingly ease any situation by touching loved ones’ hearts and emotions. The challenge is in getting significant others to talk about it. Monkeys can turn positives into negatives if the mischievous side of you resists provoking trouble. Opt for the former approach that helps enduring relationships always endure. The heart of love is filled even when words are stilled. Patience is a strength.

If you are a Monkey looking for love, the focus is on long-term contentment because the earthy Pig encourages it. Earthiness is about being more serious. January to mid-June isn’t the best time for you when it comes to love. This is serious commitment time, and you have to want to. In late September through November, luck is with you in the opportunities to find a perfect match, someone who keeps you stimulated. The best match is a Monkey and a Dragon, and you may already know your future mate.

Perhaps commitment starts to look like a good thing this year. You could become more emotionally focused. What has happened in the last eleven years has run its course in some way.

Family & Friends

Monkeys turn every event into a party and love meeting many new people. And Pigs aren’t sticks in the mud either - they like fun almost as much as you do. Sounds like a win/win. Hold that thought.

The first half of the year, from early January to mid-June 2019, is rather a downtime for you. You can make good use of this period by reviewing your relationships in light of the past decade plus of changes within your circle of friends. Some relationships are demanding and intrusive. A situation simply wears out. It is okay and natural. They and you will find links with others. Just be gentle.

You will always bring new people into your life, and this year is no exception. This is a positive year to join a group or be the leader and form a benevolent group. Volunteer your time and your special talents. The reward is priceless. Learn - even better, teach. Involve your family and friends and bond in new ways.

On March 6, Uranus, the planet of the humanitarian and friends in general, returns to the earthy sign of Taurus for a long stay (until 2026). We’re talking comfortable friendships. Take the day to contemplate what comfort means to you and who makes you feel that comfortable and comforted. Who makes you feel that way is key because things are going to go deeper. You may live life differently than others, and boredom drives you up the wall, but you have depth, too. You are going to be there!


Calling security! You are an energetic yang metal sign, a rare element that lives for challenges and pressure, two things yin earth hates more than anything. The active Monkey isn’t prone to paying close attention to the details that the slow and meticulous earth Pig considers important. Oh, my!

All is not lost. Monkeys can learn something from the Pig’s influence this year, so you’d better make friends with the Pig. In Chinese astrology, earth helps metal or minerals to form, and it was said many moons ago for a reason.

Play it cool in the first half of the year and then shine in the second half (from mid-September to December 1). This is a fortunate period – if you do your homework and stick to a business plan. It’s somewhat of a risk (not good) if you don’t.

The words “working hard” appear below, and life is much easier when you harmonize with the nature (the element) of the year. The yin earth won’t stifle the yang Monkey’s dreams and ideas. It just helps you make them a greater success. While it isn’t your best year, you are in luck (literally) in 2019.


Between your efforts at work and the dream job you're creating on the side is the sweet spot of financial security. This year, with more effort, your dream job could start to bring in enough money for you to cut back or even eliminate your regular job. However, this will take planning and a lot of hard work.

Investments are strong this year, but they might require you to make some adjustments as the world's money energy changes. Monkey natives are skillful money managers. If you're in investments and wondering what direction the trend will be, just ask yourself if you would buy this investment again – today - at this price.

A Pig year is auspicious for wealth, but Monkeys should be forewarned that risk isn’t the best venue for it. Nor is it a good year to borrow money. That leaves working hard for it, plus being prudent with personal finances. None of the above sounds like a trip to the beach, does it? However, if you’re careful, you’ll play on the beach next year, the year of the Rat, one of your personal best.