Take stock and take charge this year, dear Ox, because it is the end of a twelve-year cycle in the animal farm that is Chinese astrology. There couldn’t be a more opportune time to contemplate whether you’ve been yoked to constancy or actually changing. If that is your thinking, the universe is telling you it is time. It is time every twelve years! Funny, that!

Year of the Dragon is here! Find out what's in store for you!

Channel your inner rebel when the new Aquarius moon heralds the Chinese year of the earth Pig. Aquarius symbolizes future-oriented rebirth. Plan to do something newer and greater. This year’s earth element offers seeding opportunities and helps you to nurture growth. The more dedicated you are (and Oxen are dedicated!), the more you gain. Add to this your imagination when creativity is at its peak in February.

The July eclipses signal the least favorable month for you, that of the Goat. Oxen should take it easy and relax during this eclipse season. In this light, the mind isn’t sleeping while the body is at rest – stay tuned for “aha!” moments. It is a great time for the good strategist - that would be you - to plan ahead. Expect rewards in September and independent successes in October. Winter brings the onset of the year of the Rat.

Xi xi yang yang: The wish is for good luck and prosperity all over in the Chinese year of the earth Pig.


The year 2019 is one in which Oxen grow in love and love to grow. The 365 earth days will emphasize both while also enhancing feelings of well-being in your relationships. As far as growth, there will be changes because it is also the end of a twelve-year cycle, another major but positive stage in which to strengthen ties.

With the friendly Pig as your muse, you and your significant others may find meaningful satisfaction through simple things. On April 22, the earthy Taurus sun conjoins unpredictable Uranus. The sun rules style and what you must do in life, while unconventional Uranus awakens and stimulates change. The long transit inspires simple things in life being free - and happiness is, too.

If you are single and looking for love, the Pig as your muse is considered a charming “love artist” in the world of courting. How sweet is that? Not quite perfect because you might tend to think potential mates are too assertive, especially Pigs. (Dragons and Roosters are tops on the wish list). The pushy Pig may be insistent and not take no for an answer, though in what almost passes for a charming way.

Yes, you could meet your soul mate this year, and the right person could join you in creating an enjoyable and lasting relationship. Springtime is a special time for love, btw. Think spring!

Communication might seem to get stuck in the mud this year, but the good news is that while there may not be a lot of talk, what there is tends to be honest. Say more with less.

Family & Friends

The year of the Pig offers harmonious but rarely spontaneous action. It is more like being in well-mannered, good company at a party that was meticulously planned far in advance down to the last canapé. Still, it is harmonious and has a sense of comfort about it that Oxen will enjoy.

Your social life could accent your personal interests, and it is still being social to gather with others who like the same things. Find out where they hang out. Most Oxen love the outdoors. You are just the person to lead a group in saving the environment. Classes are an easy, rather safe adventure, and you’ll learn something to boot.

Your seasonal social calendar looks like this: You may feel less social in March and October. You could feel a little droopy in April. If so, think aerobics to restore vitality. May, the month of the Snake, and September, the month of the Rooster, are two very auspicious months when your social calendar is alive with things to do. The Pig governs winter, including December 2019 through to the Chinese new year of the Rat in 2020, and Pigs love festivities.

The social side of the twelve-year cycle’s end deals with friendships. When you do everything you’ve always done, with the people you’ve always done them with (for over a decade), don’t be surprised if you and others experience shifting mindsets. Some friendships have turned high maintenance - or always were and you just didn’t notice before. Relationships get stale when people try to stay the same. Think about it.


The more compatibility with the year, the better the year and the greater the happiness and prosperity. This year, the yin earth Ox travels with the yin earth Pig. That creates double the yin (passive) and is rock-solid. You have to maintain balance and novelty. When you sink into a routine and plow the same field, you not only get into a rut but your good ch’i also dissipates.

Chances are that you captured a lot of ground in the years of the Rooster and Dog. If you did, you can afford to be more daring in 2019. See how much farther you can go with a dollop or two of imagination and innovation.

On May 4, in the month of the Snake, the new Taurus moon shines significantly for you. The Snake possesses the fire that sparks this year’s earthy emphasis, your dedication, and the Pig’s luck, so begin something new. The 30 days that follow the phase are very important.

The last quarter of the year is the most auspicious for the Ox. Take the opportunity to display your leadership skills.


It is a good year to make money through good, old-fashioned hard work, and that is just your style. It is about carefully investing not only money but also time. Keep a close eye on finances, especially investments, in September, which is rather an odd piece of advice for an Ox, the king of perpetual caution. But this advice deals with others’ lack of caution relative to financial markets.

Money increases in your life as you create change and do new things. Ox natives usually make their money by working hard on familiar tasks. You get the job done, for sure, but this year change makes you noticeable, and that is rewarded in a pay raise, bonus, or if you own a business, increased revenues. Look at what you can do differently this year. Ask for a raise, raise your prices, and find deals you can make with others. Consider taking a class on money management, real estate investing, or the stock market.