Welcome to the year of the brown earth Pig, a turning point, the last installment in the book of the last twelve years. Prepare to make decisive changes, dear Rat, but then, you are resourceful and decisive. Just know that you shouldn’t be impulsive. Even if you’re always ready, you should reflect anyway. Changes mean pruning and getting rid of nonessentials, but it is a transition period. Wait until the year of the Rat to make changes. This is a good 365-day period in which to make strides.

Year of the Dragon is here! Find out what's in store for you!

Do you want to change course? Go slowly, slowly while you ease away problems and resistance and move yourself and others in the right direction. The Pig year increases the knowledge of what you need to enhance your life. Then you can use your awesome energy and dedication to create the circumstances to fulfill those desires.

Spring brings restlessness, but know where you are going every day. Summer accents flexibility, but not jumping around sans any order whatsoever. The July 31 Leo new moon is a benchmark of enlightenment. There’s a sudden attraction in the 30 days following the phase. Pay attention. You’ll know just what you are doing.

In the fall, observe yourself and evaluate the past twelve years, if only to ensure your focus in the next twelve. Avoid risks now. Winter is the advent of the new year of the Rat. Stay cool. Think of the earth and little seeds ready to push out of the ground, grow, produce, and be grand. All that seeds and plants need is your natural water element. You’ve got stuff to do.

Xi xi yang yang: The wish is for good luck and prosperity all over in the Chinese year of the earth Pig.


Life is passive and slow in the year of the earth Pig. So, welcome the opportunity to resonate with the important people in your life in the relative peace, tranquility, and nice pace of 2019.

Wait. As an innovative, ambitious, yang, dynamic person, the above may not sound like much fun to you! However, make room for a little zen in your life and grow stronger relationships.

The July 2 Cancer solar eclipse is the epitome of domestic focus instead of wildness and fun. Not necessarily! The event does shed light, in an “aha!” moment kind of way, coming someplace between too much and not enough. An inventive Rat can figure out ways to make even responsibilities fun and bring everyone together while doing it.

If you are a single Rat and still looking, you could cross paths with the right one in 2019. The fall is especially promising for meetings, and you may chance on more than one person. This is when a slower pace can help you know that it is something beyond the initial chemistry. You’ll like and enjoy this person’s company until you fall in love. Then, when you are ready, you’ll make the decision to choose exclusivity. You’re in control of your destiny with your feet firmly planted on solid earth.

The year’s relationship challenge is communication. It is what surfaces when tranquility means quietness and stillness. There is goodness within the thoughts, but thoughts need to be expressed. It is ruminating or problem solving gone wrong. Talk, listen, and love!

Family & Friends

The social Pig meets the even more social Rat. Pigs entertain lavishly. Friendly Rats like being entertained. Let’s party! Make new friends and reconnect with old acquaintances.

An interesting occurrence will be reevaluating the above, because that is what naturally happens at the end of a cycle – and this is the end of a twelve-year chapter in your life. Some friendships are easy and others are high maintenance, and you will be well aware of the difference this year. You need to get together with people to assess how you feel. New friendships involve going to events and trying them out.

This takes us to career networking. The year of the Pig suggests sticking with the same old, same old - the old cliques and comfort zones. That’s okay, but take the above end of the cycle into account. Do you want to change the next twelve years? (Next year is the year of the Rat, btw). Being social can also mean learning skills that result in a promotion. People are there; it is social (aka networking).

All in all, this is a turning point in the story that is your relationships, and that includes the love department as well.

Is there such a thing as being too social? The symptom is discomfort, and it’s something that goes unnoticed until a year happens that highlights a warm ambience. The earthy Pig year calls attention to the value of time spent finding a midpoint between detachment and intensity, and there is a midpoint.


We’ve reached the “rat race” of life. The year of the earth Pig is like the year of the Dog, only yin to the Dog’s yang. That said, you’ll be tempted to continue last year’s course, but hold that thought. There is that little change called the end of the twelve-year cycle. You’ve got to follow through and finish the course.

The good part of earth energy is that it inspires you even more and centers your sense of adventure in advantageous directions. The yin way is more preparation that returns greater success in any beginning or end, as in making a good exit or making a grand entrance.

The good news this year is that the Pig helps your career development through cooperation. Don’t expect a lot of changes, but expect the pace to slow. Bosses will expect continuity in work habits. Look busy and keep a low profile in May, when that’s the last thing you want to do.

September 21 is a square between Jupiter and Neptune. It is the second one (the first is on June 16). This is two days before the fall equinox, and fall is your best time. The planets and aspect represent motivation to erase blind spots, solve problems, and create your own reality. How you perceive it is your choice. What do you want to do?


You are smarter this year when it comes to money than you have been in previous years. You sense the changes going on in the world and, as a person who is savvy with money, you’re seeing opportunities that others are missing.

You'll also be receiving some healing in the area of money this year. Some personal issues have been blocking you from receiving. Some Rat natives have trouble negotiating for a salary increase. They want to just keep working and let their work speak for them. However, this is a good year to let the bosses know what an outstanding job you’re doing.

It is also important that you don’t gamble or overspend. Yin earth increases the desire for security, so there is less temptation to take risks. In 2019, avoid investing in Monkey and Snake schemes or taking risks during their months of May and August. Don’t lend money and don’t make risky investments when the money luck is just fair.