Rabbits thrive in the year of the earth Pig, and fortunes are on the rise in the days between February 5, 2019, and January 24, 2020. A lucky Rabbit glides through the year even more smoothly than you did in the year of the Dog.

Year of the Dragon is here! Find out what's in store for you!

Because it is a smooth year, auspicious starts make it easier for you to take control with your hands on the wheel of your destiny. You can do it. Sweet and gentle Rabbits have a core strength that is released by the earth element. You’ll fight for what you value and you won’t risk losing it.

The Chinese new year begins with the new Aquarius moon, whenever it falls. It is a Tiger month, and the big cat is your friend. This is the time to channel your inner rebel if things aren’t going the way you’d hoped or if you are ready for changes. Don’t miss an opportunity for growth during an auspicious year.

Energy is in the air in spring, beginning with that Aquarius moon. Summer and fall aren’t flowing as easily. August and September are months with the best timing for you. Winter - December, January, and February - is your most opportune time. Act while others are hibernating!

The Pig, the last of the Chinese zodiac animals, always brings up the rear in an awesome, once-every-twelve-year time. The cycle ends with a call for review. It is also the time to put a happy ending on the zodiac story and begin again. Prepare for your awesome year of the Rat.

Xi xi yang yang: The wish is for good luck and prosperity all over in the Chinese year of the earth Pig.


The Pig year enhances relationship building with benevolent warmth. It is everything Rabbits could want in a 365-day period.

The July 2 Cancer solar eclipse is the time to vow to make a fresh start and pursue dreams together. What is more domestically oriented and receptive than the sun and the moon for calling everyone’s attention to close, loving relationships? Secure the ramparts and heal any old wounds.

The only challenge would be in neglecting to cement relationships through communication. Don’t be the silent bunny with feelings locked up inside. It is also possible your mate is the one who is less communicative. Encourage more verbal caresses through your own sweet words.

If you are a single Rabbit looking for love, the year is full of surprises. If social, you could meet your soul mate, and that would be the person looking for a long-term union. Surprise! Many will be playing for keeps, not just playing. Your most positive pairing is always the Pig. You’ll recognize the person when you feel like you’ve known someone forever. The Goat is another good match, and you share the kind of auspicious chemistry that magnetically draws you together. The best months for meeting someone are July, November, and your month of March. The 30 days following the July eclipse could be memorable.

As mentioned above, communication is a glitch for you as well. Be a listener and speak fewer words. Your intuition will serve you well. For example, trust that your first impression is often the true one. If your intuition whispers something is wrong, pinpoint it.

Family & Friends

This is the year to get closer to connected acquaintances and friends. Pig years symbolize the comfortable homeyness that brings happiness to you and those close to you.

The June 16 square between Jupiter and Neptune (that repeats on September 21) Represents a course correction. If didn’t do it in June, whatever you didn’t do returns for a do-over in November. By the way, the planets are fortunate and talking to you on a need-to-know basis. The social connotation deals with things like gossip and/or perhaps overdoing. They could be saying it is time for some changes to make life better. Intuitively, you’ll know. The earthy Rabbit is decisive. You also have a good sense of timing. It is time.

If you are changing course or you want to vary your routine and do something different socially, the year is fulfilling if you have an interest in music. You might want to finally learn how to play (fill in the blank). Dance. It’s good for you, fun, improves your health, and introduces you to new people. Travel is broadening even if you just go across town and see something new. Write the novel that is in you. This is an auspicious year. Who knows what could happen? Can you say “best seller”!?

Finally, “Misery loves company” is not the best approach when it comes to career networking and socializing with workmates. The “misery” part gets to anyone. The angry boss or co-worker brings others down. Better to engage in amiable but detached networking.


Rabbits and Pigs belong to the trio of cooperators who are always very supportive. You are a gem, perhaps getting the kudos you deserve in mid-November. On November 11, Mercury transits across the sun. Perhaps you watched in 2016 when the little planet seemed to “eclipse” the powerhouse sun, and all attention was on it as it sashayed across. The transit epitomizes the importance of the cooperators. The next time this happens will be in 2039, so sashay, bunny.

July and October are excellent for you, but you do need to work harder before and after this window of opportunity and be on the lookout for Pigs and Sheep who bring the opportunities.

This is the appropriate place to remind you that the earth element releases your core strength, your confidence. You make a difference. You are creative. It is a gift. The last thing you should think this year is that it is “business as usual.”

While it is a good year, it isn’t the best one for a job change unless it comes from the right venue. That said, do your research, check the details, and read the fine print on contracts.


You are generally prudent with money and this year is no exception. Money is flowing in from the usual sources, but there's also energy to attract additional money from some unexpected or unusual places. Consider creating a vision board of what you want the extra money for and the universe will provide you the doors to knock on.

You show a lot of positive energy around investments, too. There could be a large payoff this year from an investment you made several years ago. This could be connected to family members and real estate. An older relative may also need help with some estate planning.

In 2019, you enjoy good money luck unless your dreams are of fast cash. No gambling, dear Rabbit. When the conservative Pig (think piggy bank) rules, it is easier to control spending. Your best and most prosperous time will be in the spring, when there could be rewards for working hard over the winter.