It is a nice year ahead for Horses in the time designated by the earthy Pig. Your fortunes are on the rise. You can make breakthroughs. You can even break free more easily, should that be your choice

Year of the Dragon is here! Find out what's in store for you!

What you created in 2018 is your starting point for 2019. Trust that you’ll be happy you have this in your pocket. This isn’t the time to rest. First, stabilize and get things on solid ground, so much so that they can almost take care of themselves. This gives you room for a few new things. Second, consolidate. This is about keeping life simple. Pigs like the simple life. Try it. You’ll like it.

The Pig belongs to the triangle of home and family. Pigs like things to be stable. Easygoing Horses also like to be in your comfort zone, but you prefer it to be on your terms. You care for loved ones, but adventure is always calling. The key is balance. Too much of a good thing is a bad thing, so they say. The Pig year is an opportune time to aim for balance.

March 20 is a not only a full Libra moon but it is also a supermoon. The moon is bigger and brighter and at zero degrees. The moon is in the sign of the Scales, and balance is key. There’s a sweet spot for balance, and if you are alert to messages from the universe, you’ll see everything in perspective.

Xi xi yang yang: The wish is for good luck and prosperity all over for you in the Chinese year of the earth Pig.


Who is the easiest animal to get along with and love in the Chinese zodiac? The Horse is on the A-list, but so is the Pig, and that makes it a doubly good year for you.

The Chinese lunar year begins with the new Aquarius moon. Whatever the date, this is the sign that starts the lunar year. It is also a Tiger month and one of your best times. The influence is uplifting and motivating, and yes, love can be that in a “living for the moment,” passionate, and exciting way. It is how you love and how you inspire others to join you in the feeling. They’ll be ready because the Pig symbolizes the desire to enjoy life to the fullest.

Your greatest challenge this year will be in communicating, when people tend to hide their innermost thoughts. While inside there’s a lot of sincerity and a love nature that treasures a partner, that’s just tough to tell someone. How are your telepathic skills? If you don’t rate them as stellar, get ready to encourage more conversation.

If you are single and still looking, you could cross paths with the right one in 2019. You radiate confidence and optimism, qualities that fascinate friendly Goats, Dogs, and Tigers. You create a special harmony together. All three enhance your luck as much as you do theirs. These three are special, but you also can be compatible with other signs. Even the incompatible can succeed if two people work to make it happen. (The peak of summer is special!)

Family & Friends

You’ll be on the move in all areas of life this year, just the way you like it. There will be a deeper connection and a sense of belonging in your social circle.

The element of earth in the year of the Pig grounds us. It reconnects us to things like balance and calm, and what better way to create deep, meaningful social connections!

Like the horse that walks ahead of the wagon, Horses are social leaders. We aren’t talking about just entertaining, though you know how to throw a good party! We are also talking about team sports, for example. You love them, and there’s no better coach or player around. Chair a discussion group. When people tend to clam up, you get things going. The same is true of teaching (and don’t forget learning). People welcome your knowledge.

You expand career contacts through social means. The connections are sure to help you this year and next. Speaking of next year, the year of the Rat isn’t your most awesome. The Rat is your opposite, but you need to establish some type of rapport and maintain the connection in 2020. The year 2019 is an opportune time to initiate some type of contact.

On March 6, the planet Uranus enters the sign of Taurus for a long stay. The planet governs friendship, and the sign of humanitarian Aquarius. Taurus represents building and stabilizing. It is also the sign of money, as in raising it for humanitarian reasons. Lead and encourage people to jump on the (band)wagon, too.


Horses belong to the triangle of ambition. The trio (Horse, Tiger, and Dog) aim for the top. The Pig, as your muse, adds fixed determination and inner power, not that you don’t have your share. The Pig also symbolizes contentment, and that is a whole other thing. How can someone who’s always out to win ever be content with what they’ve accomplished? The big question as you wrap up a twelve-year chapter is, are you satisfied? Think about it.

Again, it is an auspicious year to shine and reach goals, especially those that are new, and you’ve always got something up your proverbial sleeve. Expect to be in top form and a good position between October and November.

Pigs like teamwork, mainly because they just don’t want to do things on their own. You’re in your element here, and you’ll be depended upon as a team leader. You have to act the role of team player if someone else is in charge. Keep reminding yourself to join in or be left behind. Horses do not want to finish the race in last place. Yes, you can defend your vision, and you can also inspire others to want what you want.


When it comes to money, you can be a financial whiz. You know how to handle it, but most Horses are adventurous. You are enterprising and manage money well, however, when you gamble, fortunes can be unstable. The Pig helps you to be more conservative. Welcome the assistance when it is easier to put money away in the piggy bank.

In 2019, you show the possibility of income from several sources. Your financial picture shows improvement this year. It begins slowly and picks up speed as the year progresses. Look for money coming from some unexpected places and things you've been working on for a while that are now starting to pay off.

There is money to be made through real estate this year. This could be through a straight sale of property, but it's also possible you could rent out a house or room and make some money. There is very positive energy around working for a family business or teaming up with a relative on a venture.