Smile, breathe, and go slowly. The Chinese year of the earth Pig begins on February 5, 2019, and ends on January 24, 2020. The previous twelve years brought change and enlightenment, as they always do. If you didn’t bring the chapters to a close, dear Rooster, be about finishing unfinished business before the next twelve-year cycle begins.

Year of the Dragon is here! Find out what's in store for you!

Each Chinese year begins with the new forward-thinking Aquarius moon that sees the future and feels what is happening. The thinking, by the way, tends to be outside the box. How are you outside of tradition? Are you out there thinking freely? How many unusual ideas do you have a day? Have more – they are golden. Roosters, Oxen, and Snakes belong to the Chinese trio of visionaries and intellectuals. You should join them and ideate, especially in January 2019, prior to the new year.

Go slowly. Go in and go yin, dear yin Rooster. This is passive energy, not exactly how one thinks of a fighting Rooster. Yin is the best way to live the year, and besides, passive doesn’t mean weak. Power lies in the ability to transcend other energies. You always put in an inspired effort. Never will you be less than spirited; never will you be dull.

Why waste the chances given by fate? Fate is calling on February 4, 2019, so how are you going to answer the call? Smile and breathe and adjust your pace to yin.

Xi xi yang yang: The wish is for good luck and prosperity all over in the Chinese year of the earth Pig.


The earth element sets the mood for love. The sweet and naïve Pig encourages gentle and warm moments together in your close personal relationships. All it requires is taking time for the important people in your life.

This is important for hardworking, career-oriented Roosters who find it difficult to leave the workplace, leave troubles behind, and just be with those you love. What happens is that you are there with them but you aren’t there. They get the idea that you can’t wait to escape and get back to work. It isn’t balanced. (You may think that they don’t read your escape thoughts, but they do, especially in a Pig year.)

Challenges? The Rooster in love, needs to devote as much time to building close relationships as networking and climbing the corporate ladder. After all, who will be your support system when you get to the top (or close to it)? Three guesses! No, not your mentor. Two more!

If you are a single Rooster and looking for love, you could find it in 2019. You could meet someone associated with your career. You’ll be there, and so might they, both with similar career goals. An Ox, in the Ox month of January, is your best potential mate. There’s nothing more romantic than sharing a “romantic” dinner from the breakroom vending machine at your desks at eight at night. Or not. Snakes and Monkeys take your breath away - and take your mind away from routine.

Family & Friends

Earthy socializing, like last year, is quieter, with fewer gatherings of smaller groups. The alliances may represent the reassurance of cliques and exclusive groups, when sometimes the people outside looking in seem more interesting than the Rooster inside who might want to be out there with them. Good on you if this is where you are in 2019. The free-flowing dynamic is diversity! Do both.

An earthy Pig year also accentuates security, reliability, and devotion. All three are pretty serious when thought of in terms of the word “social.” Social however, means shared. Think about it. This brings us to changing friendships at the end of the twelve-year Chinese animal zodiac. People should change every dozen years or so. This is why you might be more sensitive about those who haven’t grown. This is your chance to add new people who inspire you. Think again about the acquaintances and friendships that are high maintenance.

The February 19 Virgo full supermoon is larger and brighter than normal, and in zero degrees of the sign. It reminds you of “full circle” (apropos). Pause and pay attention to the quality of all relationships because they sustain you, offer advantages, and help you build life directions. The most rewarding associations are acquaintances and friends who are there when times are tough as well as when times are good.

Tough times call for relaxation, and Roosters need to kick back now and then. There are lots of social things you can do to chill, including group exercise. Join a health club or organize a group of your own. Tai chi your way to calm.


Be inspired! This year is a turning point that can recharge you and bring you success if (and this is a big if) you allow the Pig to temper the need to be in control. That is no fun for any Rooster. The word “control” belongs to you. You ARE control.

The mellowing or softening will help make the year as positive as it can be. The earth grows things with a “control” that is more in line with tending and nurturing whatever sprouts. Especially ponder the premise at the July 16 Capricorn lunar eclipse and the December 26 Capricorn solar eclipse. Both are “aha!” moments when the universe sends enlightening messages. You could have a how-to on getting what you want that isn’t the way you usually operate. The clear and obvious answers: 1. You weren’t wrong. They worked for a time. 2. The times have changed, as have you.

Challenges? While there may be fewer conflicts in a Pig year, they are prequels to escalation next year. As they say, nip it in the bud. Get to it early. Don’t impetuously fight back, much as you might want to. You can make the right decision about how to respond!

This is not your most powerful year in which to change jobs, but if you must, think January, May, August, or November.


There is significant positive energy around money matters for you this year, and this will continue to build for several years now. You'll still be on a budget, but there's more money coming for savings, paying down debt, and occasionally splurging. As money flows in, it's wise to direct the streams to useful places like a little to retirement savings and some to a “fun” fund.

The energy around your investments shows growth, as well as the area related to real estate, even with the possibility of a windfall. However, there may be no benefit to you keeping an eye on the financial news this year, especially if prices become volatile. Watching the so-called experts won’t help you make better decisions or find hidden gems.

In Chinese astrology, the Pig represents a veritable piggy bank to welcome with open arms. The Rooster has opportunities to recoup losses from Rooster and Dog years, but they aren’t auspicious if you aren’t prudent. Be careful in what and in whom you invest. Carefully read the bottom line on contracts. Work hard.