The earth Pig is your muse from February 5, 2019 to January 24, 2020. The Pig symbolizes prosperity and optimism. In other words, anticipate an auspicious year. Life is good, as you go gently with earthy energy.

Year of the Dragon is here! Find out what's in store for you!

The Pig, the last animal in the Chinese zodiac, governs the twelve-year cycle. It is time to bid goodbye to some things and make room for new things as the cycle begins again. Pig years are also benchmarks for Dogs, for they follow your year and they are a time of hope, renewal, and coming back stronger than ever.

The year of the yin earth Pig meets the yang earth Dog. It is the perfect combination. The stars all line up. Visions are things of magic (well, close). The year is a gift, and you should make the most of it. You’ve got this. You are a creative force, vital and ready to move forward after your year.

Take a moment to turn plans over in your mind. You have to go from dreams and ideas to practical action to make them come true. You may want to branch out - think June, but also think winter, when others are hibernating. You are energized.

This year you enjoy generous human help along with the fortunate stars. The only caveat is to beware. No matter what the year, there are always the smarmy and the sneaky who are ready to trip up Dogs and the eleven other zodiac animals.

It is an auspicious year. Xi xi yang yang: The wish is for good luck and prosperity all over for you in the Chinese year of the earth Pig.


This year, relationships remain in an earthy comfort zone. For Dogs, the year holds pleasant, relaxing times, a few surprises, and even reconciliations.

Good times are moments with simple pleasures, enjoyment, and dreaming together. All motivate you and the significant others in your life. The Pig’s yin patience and trust resonating with your natural bent nurtures your relationships. Envisioning together plants seeds for the future.

Quelle surprise! Your loved ones may surprise you, and vice versa. It’s back to that twelve-year cycle. Be ready and the surprises won’t be unpleasant.

July’s family-oriented solar and lunar eclipses encourage reconciliation. The sign of Cancer says yes, you can go home again. Capricorn is about maturity, so it means returning as a grownup.

The challenge in 2019 is communication. The “strong, silent type” image is confident, controlled, and a lot of good things, but silent through choice. The friendly and warm Dog either has to be adept at reading minds and body language or encourage someone to talk. Your next mission is to listen - not pretend to. Share the warmth and pay attention.

If you’re single and looking, you are lucky in love this year. Love is especially in the air in February, June, and November, and the Dog’s best partners are Tigers, Horses, and Pigs. Don’t rush into anything with Dragons, Monkeys, or Roosters. In fact, don’t rush, period. Courting is an old-fashioned phrase, and Pigs are said to be experts at romantic wining and dining, simply but elegantly. Why would anyone want to rush that! Not you.

Family & Friends

The earth element epitomizes words like “safe” and “snug,” and don’t forget “roots.” Tree roots lead in many different directions, which is where social connections take you this year.

The friendly, earthy Pig encourages people to approach through a willingness to receive them. We aren’t talking superficial here, and just knowing the Pig reaffirms that it is all about a genuineness that is just like yours.

On March 6, Uranus, the governor of friendship, focuses on group dynamics in Taurus. The fixed sign represents the concerted effort to effect change. It is about the inspiration to do something greater than you have done before. Imagine the possibilities – I mean literally imagine the possibilities. What can you do? You know you want to.

Your social life takes you many places. The twelve-year cycle moves you along, sometimes for reasons you don’t realize. Surprisingly, the earth Pig (in China, the “traveling star”) also re-roots, changing environments and relationships, for example, until you find “home,” where you belong. It is not unlike Jupiter’s twelve-year cycle in which the planet plays the role of growth director, encouraging you to grow, travel, and profit from life.

Hello, social Dog! Adding stepping out to the idea of safe and snug makes for a well-balanced life. Be a social animal. Search online for “examples of social life” and you’ll get hundreds of millions of ideas, more than enough suggestions and tips to keep you busy and active until the year 3019. That is a bit extreme, but anytime you do enjoyable things with others, you are being social, and that is good for both your mental and physical health.


The earth Pig proclaims that the Dog will make stellar progress in 2019. How sweet is that?

Feel the earth shift with opportunities even as you celebrate the first day of the year of the Pig. No matter which celebratory animal is in focus, for you, February is a very favorable month that sends a hopeful message of new beginnings.

What feels right is right. What needs changing needs attention. If you intuitively know it, that is your inner teacher nudging you.

Just in case you need another nudge, here is July coming at you! The July 16 Capricorn lunar eclipse offers a flash of insight about what you need and how to go about getting it. There couldn’t be better snippets of information to have in an all-star year, so listen up or listen again to the new year wisdom. If anything, the eclipse should enhance your faith in yourself. You’ve got the power to progress.

Dragon and Snake months (April and May) aren’t your easiest. Dogs might rebel against management styles or perhaps co-workers or customers and their coiled-up, dragon breath of bad chi that doesn’t stir warm feelings in your heart. Detach as best you can. The same is true in August and September with incoming Monkey and Rooster vibes. You can do it.


In 2019, you have some very good opportunities for money, especially money derived from career or business.

Your optimistic, confident, resourceful character is what can bring you wealth this year. Yes, this means that the more you worry and the more energy you waste in negative thoughts and negative people, the less you will have to make money!

You might consider a long trip to a place you've wanted to visit for some time. And while this experience will bring you great insight and joy, you would do well to watch your budget.

When it comes to investing, your intuition is correct. You might want to have your funds be more liquid than in the past so you're ready for investment opportunities when they come to you at the right price.

Financially, the year holds its share of awesome, made even more so. All you need do is think prudently and there will be oodles of money in your piggy bank.