Smile, breathe, and go slowly, dear Snake. Those three pieces of advice can boost your luck through the year of the earth Pig, which begins February 5, 2019, and ends January 24, 2020. They say the Pig tames the Snake, but only so far as the Snake allows it.

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Coincidently, there are some things that you should permit, such as curbing impulses. Allow yourself time to make significant decisions because the results are destined to last and last. Yours is one of the deepest, most analytical signs in the Chinese zodiac, so take advantage of it. Get more comfortable with your intuition, which provides even more strategic vision.

Beware of the yin/yin (a yin fire Snake in a yin earth Pig year)! It is too easy to hope the world will stay just the way it is. The December 26 Capricorn solar eclipse signals that life might be growing a bit too predictable. It can be a good thing, yes, but on the threshold of a new one, be a little more competitive and persuasive. Push a little harder.

The seasonal Snake awakens in the spring, relaxed and ready to accomplish great things. Undulating along, you make positive use of the peak of summer as you absorb the sun’s vitality. This is a time when you have an eye for treasures in the form of new things. Be on the lookout. Fall enhances your charisma and ability to inspire. Winter is for preparation so you’ll be ready to strike in the upcoming year of the Rat.

Xi xi yang yang: The wish is for good luck and prosperity all over in the Chinese year of the earth Pig.


In a year that isn’t really your best, the earthy element offers the special bonus of opportunities to enrich your devotion to those closest to you. It is a chance to restore balance.

Snakes and Pigs are protective, supportive of family, and sincere about making their home a sanctuary. A peaceful place is one with forgiveness. Why let disagreements continue when you can settle them and dissipate the tension? Nothing encourages the above more than the July 2 Cancer solar eclipse. Take advantage of the 30 days following the event. Eclipses offer “aha!” moments. Are you holding on to a skewed memory?

Loved ones absorbing the silence of the Pig could be less communicative throughout the year. Keep the lines of communication open. Don’t repress things in March and October even though it might seem like the most natural thing to do.

The search for love isn’t easy for Snakes in a Pig year. It isn’t impossible, but you have to be social. People must be near in order for you to charm them with your hypnotic ways. You are a yin Snake in a yin year. Yin isn’t proactive. You can take advantage of timing in the beneficial months. Destiny could strike in the form of a soul mate in the month of April. May is your month when Snakes feel relaxed and cool, and it’s perfect for continuing April’s budding romance. September, a Rooster month, is alive with special surprises. You won’t miss the chance to use good timing.

Family & Friends

We don’t always associate snakes in the natural world with being social, but they nest and spend lots of time together. The Ancients got it when they based Chinese astrology on blends of animals, elements, and traits. Socially, this year accents a more home-oriented, “we’re all family” focus that should bring you a comfortable sense of well-being in the months ahead.

In 2019, you could welcome the return of old friends as you restore business and social relationships. At the end of the twelve-year cycle, it is natural to ponder the friendships that flower over time, the longstanding friendships that you want to rekindle, and the friendships that are more like weeds that return again and again to pester you. Those become high maintenance, and your time is precious. No need to end things with a nasty bite, but you can gently say adieu.

Social doesn’t have to mean extravagant parties. You are a popular people person at artistic and cultural events. You can be one among many in a learning experience. And learning has the benefit of preparing you for everything the world has to offer in the fortunate years of the Rat and Ox that await you.

Socially, you shine. Other Snakes, Oxen, and Roosters are your best friends, especially in September and January. Monkeys aren’t having the best year either, and the two of you might commiserate together in August. Enjoy your solitude in November, the month of the Pig. Books and TV could be your BFFs then.


The earthy Pig throws water on your fire, dear Snake, but it will never be able to extinguish all the embers. You are still a creative force. The Pig’s natural strategic planning ability enhances your own talents, and you are awesome. You create, and the hardworking, perfectionist Pig makes it happen (if it isn’t too risky and doesn’t require speed). If it’s down to earth and doable, everybody wins in good time.

The square between fiery lucky Sagittarius Jupiter and Pisces Neptune on September 21 is a ten-day ignition button. Contrary to the thinking that squares are negative, they are motivating. Nothing inspires big dreams or big ideas more than Jupiter and Neptune. This is the time to strengthen your position. The planets also bring opportunities that you can grab and run with before year’s end.

Snakes resonate with Oxen and Roosters, and together you make a wise trio of visionaries. Call brainstorming meetings in January 2019, before the new year, and in December 2019, as the year ends. Invite the Rat to the December confab, too. The Rat’s year is 2020.


While your regular income seems steady and, well, regular, you do have some energy around larger sums coming at irregular times during the year. This could be for special projects you've completed or large items you may have sold. You are generally lucky when it comes to money, which in this case can mean you negotiated a good price for the project work you’re doing or you're getting a good amount for things you're selling.

Financially, a Pig year accents prudence. It represents a calmer way of looking for profits. This year’s element of earth brings balance, as in a higher bank balance. What you don’t want is higher credit card debt, which brings us to the Pig’s love of luxury and indulgence. Don’t try to keep pace with the Pig - not that you would want to. The earthy energy can ground you if you let it. (The earthy energy grounds Pigs, too, but only the wise ones.)