May 2022 - As May begins, you’re experiencing the slow-paced energy from the Taurus sun, which gives you time to slow down and think about your next romantic move. Common sense is abundant now, and you’re likely to make well thought out, calculated decisions rather than spontaneous ones.

Your freedom-seeking ruler Uranus is in beauty-loving Taurus during its sextile to intense Mars in creative Pisces on May 4, increasing your desire for fun and excitement. Although you might approach adventures with a little more caution than usual, you’re attracted to people who are different than your usual type. Expect a strong karmic pull toward someone who’s extremely exotic in some way.

The full moon and lunar eclipse materialize in deeply emotional Scorpio on the fifteenth, illuminating all of the feelings you’ve been trying hard to keep a secret. Although you might not be ready to tell your intimate business to the world, you should still admit it to yourself. This lunation isn’t an ideal time to be in denial, Aquarius.

There’s a good energy shift for air signs like you when the sun floats out of earthy Taurus and into fellow freedom-seeker Gemini on May 20. The search for love (or just companionship) seems a lot less intense now, and you can really enjoy the dating process without big expectations for the next several weeks. Cheers!

Love is calling your name. Get an accurate prediction today!

Love is calling your name. Get an accurate prediction today!

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