May 2022 - As you absorb the slow-moving Taurus sun’s energy early this month, you aren’t in such a hurry to get things done. Spending long weekend mornings together over gourmet coffee and breakfast or taking leisurely strolls through your favorite park would be excellent couple's pastimes during this calm transit.

Your experimental ruler Uranus is also visiting earthy Taurus when it sextiles powerful Mars in creative Pisces on May 4, which increases your desire for rebellion and excitement. You might not go to the highest extremes due to the involvement of Taurus and Pisces, but you can still have a lot of uninhibited fun under the right circumstances.

There are more shadowy aspects of your relationship than usual during the full moon and lunar eclipse in secretive Scorpio on the fifteenth, but approaching them with your usual intellectual perspective probably won’t work. It will take a lot of craftiness and ingenuity to penetrate your partner’s emotional shield under this guarded lunation.

Late in the month, on May 20, the sun leaves security-seeking Taurus for fellow freedom-loving Gemini, giving off a restless vibe and making you crave your independence more than ever. Is this just a phase, or do you really think you’d be happier on your own? Don’t make any final decisions now, Aquarius, because you might change your mind in a minute or two.

Your search for real love has never been easier with eharmony.

Your search for real love has never been easier with eharmony.

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