Capricorn Health Problems & Fitness

Capricorn Zodiac Sign

Capricorn Health & Wellness

Capricorn Ailments: Knee pain is common; ACL injuries can often be seen in Capricorns. In addition, Capricorns show their stress on their skin, and breakouts, eczema, and rashes are unfortunately all too common.
Capricorn Strengths: Sheer force of will. Capricorns will not accept physical limitations, and often drive their doctors crazy by not following.
Capricorn Weaknesses: Capricorns can sometimes get annoyed at their body, and may need to really learn how to focus on tuning into their body and what it needs. Mind-body awareness can help keep certain physical ailments at bay, and more importantly, can help Caps catch a problem before it becomes a major issue.

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The Best Fitness Routines for Capricorns

SLT classes. A combination of cardio and Pilates, SLT keeps your heart pumping, your mind engaged, and the mental stamina it takes can make it feel more like meditation—which is just what you need.

About Those Capricorn Skin Flare Ups

Capricorns have a ton of skin products, can recommend them to others better than any employee at a makeup counter, and can have complicated clinical discussions with their dermatologists, but they also seem to struggle with flare ups, despite their knowledge and skincare routine. What gives? Why do Capricorns have skin issues? The answer lies in the mind-body connection, or lack of it. Capricorns are experts at keeping their emotions to themselves, but they have to come out somewhere, and it’s often via the skin. In addition, Capricorns can stress themselves, and their skin, out. Capricorns are such creatures of habit that small deviations, like eating a different selection of food than they’re used to, can cause skin eruptions. Capricorns should stick to what works, routine wise, and working with a dermatologist and recognizing triggers, including emotional ones, can help Caps stay on top of any skin issues that may come up in their lives.

The Top 10 Ways Capricorn Beats the Blues

Capricorns can get frustrated when life isn’t going their way. They can be optimistic, but hate when their emotions—bad or good—get the best of them. Here, how Capricorns beat the blues and get out of whatever mood is getting them down.

  1. Read a book. Caps love engaging their minds, and find that often helps them escape any low mood.
  2. Talk to family. For Caps, family is everything, and talking to their relatives is one way to remind them that they have a ton of people who have their back.
  3. Declutter. Caps hate clutter. Going through the closet with a garbage bag and a donation spot in mind can help elevate the mood of a Capricorn like nothing else.
  4. Cook. Earthy Caps love touching and smelling ingredients, and getting busy in the kitchen helps them beat a bad mood.
  5. Take a bath. Caps don’t do this enough! A bath isn’t an indulgence, it’s a necessity, and doing so can help Caps clear their mental clutter.
  6. Redecorate. Caps are deeply affected by their home environment, and often, cleaning and rearranging their house can help them emerge in a better mood.
  7. Take a yoga class. Confession: Caps tend to hate the first few yoga classes they attend, but the more they keep going, the more they find it helpful for their mind and body.
  8. Get a cup of coffee. Caps thrive on caffeine, and also love the ritual of going to a coffee shop. Elevate the experience and make it a treat by ordering a latte or mocha instead of your usual cup of joe.
  9. Head to a museum. Caps appreciate art, and walking around a museum—preferably solo—can help shift their perspective.
  10. Volunteer. Deeply conscientious Caps have a strong social justice streak, and volunteering is a great way for them to help remember the world exists beyond their routines and to-do lists.

Healing Herbs for Capricorn’s moods:

These are the best herbs for Capricorn, and can help them focus on the best parts of themselves.

rosemary: Not only can this herb help soothe aching joints, it can also give mental clarity to Capricorns.

tarragon: Caps sometimes feel their brain spinning, especially when it’s time to go to sleep. Tarragon can help them calm down and get some much needed rest.

marjoram: This spice can help a Cap snap out of a bad mood and can help them continually see the bright side and remember that tomorrow is always another day.

chamomile: Like tarragon, chamomile can help calm the overactive mind of a Capricorn. In addition, chamomile is an anti-inflammatory, which is very important to sporty Caps.