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For the Capricorn In Your Life

Best gifts: Candles! Candles make a house a home, and even though Capricorn is a minimalist, they can’t resist eco-friendly soy candles in muted colors, that are often lit everywhere in the house.

Best spa package: Manicure. Buffed, polished, with plenty of hand lotion, Capricorns are never without neat hands, and love low-key luxury. The color they choose may be nude or clear, but both male and female Caps love having elegant fingers.

Best cocktail: Pinot grigio. A simple white wine, sipped and savored over the course of the meal, is usually what a Capricorn appreciates. But sparkling water is also a close second—Caps don’t like to lose control, and may save imbibing for (very) special occasions.

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How Capricorn Unwinds

Capricorn adores to-do lists and may love bullet journaling. To them, it’s not an administrative task, it’s a way of making sense of their world. A Capricorn loves feeling accomplished, and for a Capricorn, tackling a DIY home project or complicated cooking project can be a great way for them to let their mind wander. An earth sign, Capricorn loves using their hands, and loves making things. A Capricorn loves being busy and loves a goal — to a Capricorn, training for a marathon or triathlon is an ideal way to unwind.

Capricorn Social Life

Capricorn has a set, small group of friends, and the friends they have now may well be friends they made when they were toddlers. Capricorns truly believe in the power of lifelong friendship, and love having a very small circle of friends they have a long history with, who they trust implicitly. Capricorns tend to prefer doing things one on one or in small groups, and don’t love going to parties. Capricorns can be hard to get to know, but once you have one in your inner circle, you have a friend for life. Capricorns are so intense and busy in their lives that they are often happy to spend downtime by themselves—they’re not lonely, they’re recharging.

Capricorn Favorite Season

Even though their birthdays are in the dead of winter, Capricorns love summer, and love camping, hiking, and spending all night under the stars. Capricorns can be fastidious, and can bring camping to the next level, but being in nature can help tame Capricorn’s intensity. Capricorns love spending days outside soaking up Vitamin D and will always choose to have a meal outside rather than in if there is any sort of option.

The Best Vacations for Capricorn

Capricorn loves self-improvement, so any vacation with that element is an A plus in their book. Capricorns are big on wellness retreats, and love the idea of learning a new skill while they are on vacation. A cooking class in the South of France, for example, is a great way for Capricorns to learn while indulging—the best of both worlds for a Capricorn.

Capricorn Power Colors

Intelligent, cool, logical and connected to the earth, Capricorn does best with grounding colors that speak to their cool intensity and can help them connect to their rational self. Here, the best colors for Capricorn.

Dark blue: A dark blue speaks to Capricorn’s depth of intelligence, and also speaks to the intensity lying below Capricorn’s smooth surface. While Capricorn seems placid and in control, like the ocean, there’s a lot swirling just out of view.

White: Caps see the world in black and white and strive for perfection. White is a great color to speak to Capricorn’s constant push to be the best.

Brown: An earth sign, Caps can wear brown like no other sign can, and can truly bring out the beauty and intensity of all brown shades, while the color can help ground a Cap.

Green: Another earthy color, Capricorns like this shade to help ground them and keep their feet on the ground, especially when life around them seems crazy and unstable.

The colors that Capricorn should avoid are:

Red: Red can be too intense for the practical, low-key vibe Capricorn tries to espouse.

Gold: Caps don’t love glitter, and may feel showy and overpowered in metallic shades.

Orange: Similar to red, orange can be too overpowering and excite Capricorn, instead of calming them down and allowing them to play to their strengths of logic and perserverence.