Capricorn Spiritual Traits

Capricorn Zodiac Sign

Capricorn Spirituality

The Best Crystals for Capricorn: Azurite. This stone can help Capricorn elevate to their higher self, and is also a great stone for Capricorns to accept other people as they are and invite them into their lives.

Capricorn Healing Mantra: "I make my own reality."

Capricorn Spirit Color: A dark blue speaks to the deep depths and deep intelligence of the Capricorn soul, and is a great color to help them tune into their deeper, "knowing" side—which is sometimes at odds with the logical checklist side they often follow.

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Capricorn Spiritual Side

Capricorn is practical and initially skeptical of certain religious tenets. That said, Capricorns can be incredibly spiritual and may also be leaders in religious institutions, as they love the scholarship and history of diving deep into religious texts. They also have a certainty and surety that is incredibly comforting to parishioners.

Capricorn may find themselves going through a period of deep disbelief in adolescence or their twenties, and they may find that their spiritual journey is full of twists and turns. They may find several months, years, or even decades of their lives where they may not feel they have an active spiritual practice, but it’s unusual to find a Capricorn who has never had some sort of relationship to the Divine—whatever that means for them.

For Capricorns, solo time is spiritual, and even if they don’t have a strict "belief system," they do find that having solo rituals, even if it’s just a silent cup of coffee, is everything for their mood and their success.

Capricorn Karma Boosters

Every sign has to deal with unfinished business. For Capricorn, it’s learning to accept "good enough"—both in themselves and others. While striving for perfection often leads Capricorn to success, it may lead to others feeling like they can never live up to Capricorn’s exacting expectations. Here, karma boosters Capricorns can incorporate into their lives.

  1. Ignore the to-do list. Just for today. Things will get done, and you may find that interesting things happen when you’re not racing from point A to point B.
  2. Be five minutes late. This is especially good if you’re meeting someone who is chronically late. You know you always wait for them—leave them waiting for awhile. It may help you cut others some slack, and give you more freedom in your schedule.
  3. Do something you’re bad at. Not good at drawing? That’s the best reason to bust out a crayon and paper. Not everything needs to be professional quality to be worth it, and for a Cap, giving themselves permission to suck—for lack of a better word—can be enormously liberating.
  4. Work with kids. Volunteering with kids can help Caps get out of their heads and focus on freedom, playfulness, and having fun. Kids are the experts at going with the flow, and Caps could learn a lot from them.
  5. Donate money. Caps can have a pretty tight handle on their finances, but donating money can help them realize that they can be generous and still have plenty of money left over.