Gemini Celebrities

What does a Gemini celebrity have in common with their peers? Witty, charming, and adaptable, Gemini celebrities know how to mold themselves to fit any role. Learn more about your favorite Gemini birthdays.

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Morgan Freeman

June 01 | gemini
While he may not act like a Gemini, iconic actor Morgan Freeman certainly possesses the aura of one: a self-assured figure who believes he can be anything he wants to be. Photo: Live Life Happy

Naomi Campbell

May 22 | gemini
A Gemini can inspire a cultish type of devotion. And Naomi Campbell, one of the greatest supermodels of all time, remains an object of worship from all in the fashion industry—even with her biting words and volatile outbursts. Photo: Georges Biard

Natalie Portman

June 09 | gemini
Ambitious and incredibly intelligent, this Gemini can change her identity at the drop of a hat—from an Ivy League professor to a top billed movie star. Photo: Greg Skidmore

Neil Patrick Harris

June 15 | gemini
There’s that Gemini quick wit! This energetic, passionate Gemini represents his sign well as one of the most well-liked personalities in Hollywood. Photo: Richard Kahan

Nicole Kidman

June 20 | gemini
A youthful actress and ultimate identity morph, Nicole Kidman, makes Geminis everywhere proud when she graces the silver screen. Photo: Greg Skidmore

Novak Djokovic

May 22 | gemini
Dynamic on the court and off, this Gemini tennis player uses the powers of Mercury to find motivation to accomplish any goal. Photo: Yang Yu

Paul McCartney

June 18 | gemini
Geminis are one the three air signs, which rule communication. Hence, this musician took a lead role in The Beatles—full of ideas and passionate about his work. Photo: Raph_PH

Rafael Nadal

June 03 | gemini
The intensity of a Gemini is hard to beat and lends its hand to making Rafael Nadal one of the best tennis players in history. Photo: Carine

Russell Brand

June 04 | gemini
A comedian known for his quick wit, this Gemini is also wildly impulsive—marrying Katy Perry then getting divorced soon after and 12 drug-related arrests on record, for example. Photo: Kafuffle

Shia LaBeouf

June 11 | gemini
Sure, he might be a little unhinged, but isn’t that just a Gemini thing? The former child star is now a determined political activist, stopping at nothing to get his point across through crazy performance art. Photo: Flickr; Nicholas Genin