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What does an Aries celebrity have in common with their peers? Bold, innovative, and full of energy, Aries celebrities know how to party. Learn more about your favorite Aries birthdays.

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Maria Sharapova

April 19 | aries
She’s loud, she’s proud, and she believes she’s the best. Despite a rough couple years recently filled with drug scandals, this fiery Aries just launched a new program to mentor women entrepreneurs. Photo: WTB Gallery

Mariah Carey

March 27 | aries
Another Aries diva, Mariah Carey’s brash and self-assured public appearance is magnetic. Like a true Aries, she leads and others follow. Photo: WBLS  


April 02 | aries
This Aries rapper’s career and personal life is going nowhere but up. Married to the fiery Libra Cardi B, Quavo enjoys the spice of life that comes with a relationship between Mars and Venus signs. Photo: LilBoog

Reese Witherspoon

March 22 | aries
This independent blonde is another woman in a long list of Aries leaders. With her own production company underway, Reese Witherspoon’s ambition and drive can’t be stopped. Photo: Flickr; Jenn Deering Davis

Robert Downey Jr.

April 04 | aries
This Aries is a former teenage heartthrob that dealt with addiction in his early days of fame. Now he’s a family man, acting and producing, and living spiritually with a mix of “Jewish-Buddhist” religious beliefs and an interest in astrology as well! Photo: Vincent Zaftra

Russell Crowe

April 07 | aries
Not only is Russell Crowe an Aries, but he also has the very masculine planets, Jupiter and Mars, in Aries. As the ultimate man’s man, this Aries loves to star in a good action film like Gladiator. Photo: Eva Rinaldi

Sarah Jessica Parker

March 25 | aries
Actress Sarah Jessica Parker is another Aries who shines in the spotlight, whether as the lead on camera on Sex and the City or behind the scenes as an executive producer. Photo: David Shankbone

Seth Rogen

April 15 | aries
A frequent collaborator of fellow Aries James Franco, Seth Rogen is another one of those all-in, all-the-time hardworking Aries. When he’s not starring in a movie or lead producing a show, he’s collaborating with fellow comedians with their projects. Photo: Seth Rogen

Victoria Beckham

April 17 | aries
If you think of an ambitious woman, one of the first people to come to mind is Victoria Beckham. This Aries managed to have a successful music career that gracefully transitioned into one of the biggest fashion empires in the U.K. and beyond. Photo: LG