Your Weekly Horoscope: Feeling Balanced


On September 15, 2019

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Your Weekly Horoscope: Feeling Balanced

September 16 – September 22, 2019

As we continue through lovely Virgo season, the planets seem to be in a ~balanced~ state of mind. Mars (planet of aggression) and the sun (planet of ego) continue in the prudent sign of Virgo. So many things will be subdued this week. Meanwhile, Venus (planet of love) and Mercury (planet of communication) have now both moved into Libra—pushing our needs to express how we feel to those we love.

On Monday, Saturn (planet of responsibility) moves slowly prior to turning direct in Capricorn midweek. Delays can now begin to ease, although it may take a while to get back up to speed.

Then on Thursday, as Mars aligns with Pluto (planet of transformation), prepare for some intense days. There could be laser-like focus on whatever is the center of attention.

Saturday sees Jupiter (planet of expansion) angling toward Neptune (planet of illusion), and this influence may be strong for another ten days or so. It helps to be practical and not take anything at face value.

On Sunday, Mercury makes an edgy angle to Saturn, which could make communicating a little more difficult than usual. Just remember that others may be stubborn as well, so negotiating could require hard work.

How the Planets Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign This Week


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Finally, you should see some momentum on your goals this week, Aries! One goal in particularly fuels your fire a bit more on Thursday with the Mars/Pluto alignment. The only thing to watch out for here is Neptune’s illusory influence, which could make you feel as though you can accomplish some wild things. Mercury’s presence over the weekend could make it harder to get your point across.

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Time for a trip, Taurus! If you’ve been putting off planning or have run into a couple obstacles blocking you from traveling, this is the best week to get moving on that. And with lots of intense energy surrounding the Mars/Pluto transit, you can bet you’ll be able to accomplish whatever you put your mind to.

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You come across some domestic issues at this time, Gemini. It’s the perfect moment to address things with family members or roommates that have been swept under the rug. Luck could be on your side though, with Saturn direct in an intense zone in your chart; more serious matters such as things involving finance issues or business could take an upward turn. Don’t get too deep in ideas that aren’t substantiated, though.

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Relationships could be a focus for you starting on Wednesday, Cancer. What’s more, you might want to prepare to see or meet someone that could have a great impact on your life. They’ll shed some light on key issues that are stopping you from moving forward. This week, you could feel particularly inspired by an opportunity or two—but don’t move too fast, it could be a farce.

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This week will fuel your need to express your thoughts and opinions, making it a great time to network with others. Saturn’s direct turn on Wednesday in your lifestyle zone could soften up the daily blows of work, and you could even start to see some benefits. On even more of a plus side, you could receive an interesting opportunity that supports your income. Just make sure you read between the lines, Leo.

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With intense Virgo energy still floating around the planets this week, you could be feeling super ready to see some progress happen in your life. When it comes to relationships, your feelings might be growing for someone. But… it might be best to wait until you’re sure you aren’t ahead of them. This weekend could make you feel as though you can get everything done on your to-do. But reel back in those high-vibe dreams because they may be unreasonable.

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You’ve been super focused on matters at home lately, Libra. Thankfully though, those issues should be coming to a close starting this week. There may also be an issue that comes up this week that will ask you to be a little creative. This weekend could get a little confusing for you… make sure what you’re dreaming up can actually be accomplished.

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Being a Scorpio, you can have high standards for yourself, and sometimes those standards can hold you back from achieving your goals. This week, as Saturn turns direct again, you may find yourself fueling yourself with pep talks that boost your confidence enough to make something happen. Neptune’s influence this week could make you a little unrealistic about how much money you actually have—keep your wits about you.

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Your goals are a highlight again this week, Sagittarius. However, you may find that there’s more pressure and demand on you than usual. In terms of money, though, things may be picking up—which makes the real estate scheme that heads your way this weekend even harder to resist. The deal isn’t as good as it seems.

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With Saturn now direct in your sign, you may finally start to feel a weight lifted off your shoulders. For months it may have been like something was holding you back from success. The flood gates start to open this week! Additionally, you may also feel open to exploring outside your comfort zones. Trying new things and diving into projects you’re passionate about could lead you to an even more successful path.

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Saturn’s re-direct back into Capricorn happens in your spiritual zone, Aquarius. So you may feel as though all the self-help you’ve been paying attention to will begin to pick up. In general though, this week will weigh heavily on you as some aspects sift through more sensitive sections of your chart. Trusting yourself might be the only way to see what the universe is really trying to tell you.

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This week is a good time to reconnect with friends you’ve lost touch with. Likewise, it’s also a time to re-evaluate your friendship with those who aren’t giving as much as you do to the relationship. Lastly, over the weekend, the influence of your ruling planet Neptune has particularly strong effects on you. Don’t believe everything you read or hear, Pisces.

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