There has been some recent debate about whether Pluto should be classified as a planet by astronomical standards. Still, there's no question about its importance when it comes to astrological interpretation.

Pluto rules our unconscious selves: our innermost secret lives and desires. As the ruler of Scorpio, Pluto deals with taboos like sex, death, and spiritual transformation. (After all, this planet does represent Hades, the mythical god of the underworld.)

For that reason, Pluto tends to illuminate our "shadow selves," making it impossible to escape any skeletons we've been hiding in our closets. Though Pluto's dark magic can be misunderstood, it simply holds a mirror to our subconscious parts that need to embrace change or progress—similar to the Death card in the Tarot. The main thing to keep in mind is that while embracing the darker parts of ourselves can be difficult, it is necessary to find the light ahead.

Meaning of the Symbol of Pluto

Pluto's glyph is the circle of spirit resting within the soul crescent, conjoined with the cross of matter: spirit liberating itself from both karmic and earthly concerns. Its placement indicates where fear must be transmuted to achieve self-mastery and spiritual evolution. Pluto identifies material (cross) deeply buried in the unconscious (crescent), and facing the shadow is a complex alchemical work. People are often addicted to defining themselves based on past trauma, and leaving old wounds behind feels like death. However, to be reborn, one must detach (circle) from the trappings (cross) of the past (crescent) to allow the old image of the self to pass away.

Pluto Retrograde Calendar Dates


Apr 29 - Oct 3


Apr 25 - Oct 4


Apr 27 - Oct 6


Apr 29 - Oct 8


May 1 - Oct 11


May 2 - Oct 12


May 4 - Oct 14


May 6 - Oct 16


May 8 - Oct 18


May 9 - Oct 19


May 11 - Oct 21


May 12 - Oct 23