As the planetary representation of Zeus, Jupiter presides over the zodiac with fatherly wisdom and guidance.

Just as our parents shape our fundamental belief systems, Jupiter determines what we think about the world and how we understand reality. As such, this planet determines how we seek knowledge, broaden our horizons, and expand our minds. This planet also determines our cosmic luck or the unexpected ways we receive insight and blessings.

As it moves through the signs, Jupiter is responsible for periods of optimism and opportunity, making it an excellent catalyst for change and reinvention. And as the ruler of worldly Sagittarius, Jupiter is also the planet most responsible for determining our attitudes towards religion, morality, and philosophy. If there are things in our lives that aren't working for us, Jupiter not only illuminates these things but provides us with a path and framework to go about changing them.

This action-oriented planet visits each sign for approximately one year, giving you the time to make a New Years' plan when it enters your sign.

Meaning of the Symbol of Jupiter

The Jupiter glyph is the crescent of the soul situated above and enmeshed with the cross of matter. Through Jupiter, the pursuit of growth and abundance helps to manifest the will of the higher soul. For instance, giving money to charity (the material contribution of the cross) satisfies a soul objective of generosity. In this example, we can visualize the soul crescent uplifting the cross of matter. Jupiter's lower expression points to expansion beyond one's means or becoming ideologically arrogant or dogmatic, in which case the cross weighs the soul crescent down with materialistic concerns.

Jupiter Retrograde Calendar Dates


Apr 10 - Aug 11


May 14 - Sep 13


May 20 - Oct 18


Jun 28 - Nov 23


Sep 4 - Dec 31


Oct 29 - Dec 31


Jan 1 - Feb 4

Nov 11 - Dec 31


Jan 1 - Mar 11

Dec 13 - Jan 1


Jan 1 - Apr 13


Jan 12 - May 13


Feb 10 - May 13


Mar 13 - Jul 15