Mysterious Neptune, channeling the god of the sea, possesses many oceanic qualities.

Deep, powerful, with plenty under the surface, Neptune is responsible for our inner lives, intuition, and dreams. While planets like Mercury and Saturn pack a punch (sometimes uprooting our lives a bit in the process), Neptune is of a gentler, more subtle variety—one that teaches us to listen to our inner selves and to trust our unseen senses. Think of this sultry planet as similar to a gorgeous masquerade ball, with illusion and mystery as major themes.

Of course, with illusion often comes confusion, which is why some of Neptune's negative aspects include things like deceit, jealousy, and addiction. But being an emotional powerhouse, Neptune often cultivates dreamers, visionaries, and creatives—providing valuable information about how your subconscious works. Like Uranus, Neptune is a slow-moving outer planet, meaning that it only changes signs about once in a generation. Learning where Neptune is in your chart can teach you how to ride your emotional waves, harness your psychic abilities, and tap into your inner poet.

Meaning of the Symbol of Neptune

Neptune's glyph is the Trident: two soul crescents buffering the cross of matter, signifying reality (the cross) subjugated by fantasy. Neptune in the chart represents the subconscious, our inner depths, dreams, and imagination. The longings of the soul can be beautiful and deceptive, threatening to drown truth in the waters of illusion. While the Trident has been co-opted by the god of the sea, it is also a truncated version of the witch's foot, a symbol that celebrates Pan, the unseen god of nature. Its three forks represent concepts like past, present, future and mind, body, spirit.

Neptune Retrograde Calendar Dates


Jun 21 - Nov 27


May 23 - Nov 29


May 25 - Dec 1


May 28 - Dec 4


May 30 - Sep 6


Jul 2 - Dec 7


Jul 4 - Dec 10


Jul 7 - Dec 12


Jul 9 - Dec 15


Jul 11 - Dec 16


Jul 14 - Dec 19


Jul 16 - Dec 21