"What's your sign?" The answer to this common first date or party question is your sun sign—the one sign you're most likely to know even if you have a passing familiarity with astrology.

The sun traveling through the zodiac creates what we think of as our astrological year. In the natal chart, the sun represents who we are and who we strive to be. Unlike the moon, which represents our emotional responses, the sun stands for our most rational selves and the way we interact with the world on a daily basis. It also determines how we balance the influence of all the other planets in our personality.

No matter what your sign however, the sun in each sign delivers some big overarching themes that affect everyone in the zodiac. Since the sun rules over the ego and sense of self, we feel these shifts in everything from our confidence and mood to our performance at work. Approximately every 30 days, the sun transits to a new sign and brings with it a fresh sense of perspective and ideals— what we call "seasons."

Meaning of the Symbol of The Sun

The sun is the circle of spirit. As your sun sign, you act as an ambassador for spirit seeking externalization, reflected in your personality and ego.The center dot of the glyph fertilizes the "egg" of the outer ring, representing the birth of life.

Therefore, this symbol's placement in a chart illuminates the qualities one is born to embody and the purpose one is born to assume.Additionally, ancient alchemists used the glyph as shorthand for the precious metal "gold," the correlation implying that life is also precious.

Solar Eclipse Calendar Dates


Jun 21

Dec 14


Jun 10

Dec 4


Apr 20

Oct 14


Apr 8

Oct 2


Mar 29

Sep 21


Feb 17

Aug 12


Feb 6

Aug 2


Jan 26

May 22


May 30

Nov 25