Saturn, father to Zeus, governs time, order, and structure.

In short, this planet sets the rules and can be considered the "father" of the zodiac. In terms of how we relate to it, Saturn determines the natural laws that we follow, and how we experience a world that makes sense (at least to us).

If you're familiar with Saturn, it's likely because you've heard of a "Saturn return." When Saturn makes its revolution around the cosmos and returns to its place in the sky in which it was situated when you were born, you have a Saturn return. Typically, a person experiences three of these returns during the course of their lifetime (approximately every 29 years).

These periods tend to shake you out of your comfort zone and make you question your beliefs and routines. (Think of it as a cosmic "out of order" sign.) It can be disorienting, or even downright terrifying, but Saturn returns give you the opportunity to reinvent yourself and evolve into a better you. They are also thought of as a point of transition from one life phase to the next. Saturn shows us our responsibilities and gives us the structure to take them on.

Pick a Sign to See Saturn's Effects

Saturn Retrograde Calendar Dates


Apr 30 - Sep 18


May 11 - Sep 29


May 3 - Oct 11


Jun 4 - Oct 23


Jun 17 - Nov 4


Jun 29 - Nov 15


Jul 13 - Nov 28


Jul 26 - Nov 10


Aug 9 - Dec 24


Aug 22 - Dec 31


Jan 1 - Jan 5

Sep 6 - Dec 31