Venus, the planet of love, rules our emotional and sexual selves.

Think of Venus as the pleasure-loving planet; under it shines all the things that bring us sensual joy.

This planet influences how we idealize romance and relationships (i.e., what we need to feel appreciated and emotionally stimulated). And as Venus travels through the cosmos and our personal charts, we experience love and affection in radically different ways.

Keep in mind though, that Venus doesn't just determine our romantic styles; it's also the general way we prefer to experience socializing of all types. It's what makes us attractive and what attracts us to others. Our Venus "love goggles" color our sense of charm and beauty; overall, it plays a big part in our aesthetic considerations.

A lesser-known but essential domain of Venus is money. Surprised? Think about it: This planet determines the material objects we find beautiful. Does it not stand to reason that it should determine how we get money to procure those things? For that reason, Venus also highlights what we do when we have money to spend—vacations, food, fashion, etc.

Meaning of the Symbol of Venus

The Venus glyph is the cross of matter unfolding from spirit. Venus' placement reveals how we express love, and ultimately, how we are looking to receive love because love means different things to different people. Interestingly, this glyph says nothing specific of the soul. Its components speak to physical and sensual criteria rather than emotional conditions. Here, stimulation of the senses (cross) awakens recognition of our connection to the universe (spirit). The soul, where the karmic hang-ups are, isn't part of this equation. Venus isn't so much about soul bonding as relating and cultivating reciprocal connections via beauty and creativity.

Venus Retrograde Calendar Dates


May 13 - Jun 25


Dec 19 - Dec 31


Jan 1 - Jan 29


May 23 - Sep 4


Mar 2 - Apr 13


Oct 3 - Nov 14


May 10 - Jun 11


Dec 16 - Dec 31


Jan 1 - Jan 26