In classic mythology, Mars is the god of war.

So naturally, this planet is all about action. Mars determines our sense of intention and aggression and presides over conflict. This planet rules over our most primal desires, our pure "animalistic" selves (yes, this includes sex). This is the part of ourselves that defends our territory and stakes a claim not just to what we deserve but also to what we need to survive.

It's essential, however, not to mischaracterize Mars as a simple war zone. The red planet also provides us with courage, strength, and motivation. It's the planet that helps you take action when you need to get things done. Let's face it: Sometimes, you need to be bold and aggressive in pursuing your dreams—harnessing Mars energy is exactly that!

Mars can also bring out your competitive side, giving you the edge it takes to stay ahead in the game. Navigating Mars energy is about finding the balance between impulsivity and setting limits. Depending on where it falls, grappling with Mars may mean temper tantrums, or it could present valuable opportunities to channel your anger into a powerful strength.

Meaning of the Symbol of Mars

Mars is represented by the circle of spirit rising into the cross of matter: spirit seeking to concretize itself via physical manifestation. The Mars glyph is the reverse of the Venus glyph, the yang to Venusian yin. Accordingly, Venus is how we give of ourselves, and Mars is how we take. Its placement in the natal chart denotes motivating instincts and passions. Stylized as the arrow of ambition, Martian energy aims for a target in the context of work or goal attainment or facilitates lust and romantic conquest a la Cupid's arrow.

Mars Retrograde Calendar Dates


Sep 9 - Nov 14


Oct 30 - Dec 31


Jan 1 - Jan 12


Dec 6 - Jan 1


Jan 1 - Feb 24


Jan 10 - Apr 4


Feb 14 - May 5