2020: The Year of 4 and What It Means

By Ellen Ricks

On January 3, 2020

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2020: The Year of 4 and What It Means

We are about to enter a new decade, filling most of us with hope, excitement, and curiosity for what the world might bring. Will 2020 bring world clarity or will things get even more clouded in uncertainty? Luckily, numerology can help us uncover what lies ahead in the New Year.

What Does the Number 4 Symbolize?

When adding up all the numbers in 2020 (2+0+2+0=4), we discover that we’ll be starting the new decades in a 4 year. The number 4 is defined by hard work, determination and making plans. So when we enter a 4 year, we are allowed to lay the groundwork for our future selves, and possibly create a better world. The number 4 is also associated with money. It indicates times when we’re saving for the future or making smarter financial choices (potentially creating a better economy in 2020). Number 4s are generally very organized.

What Does the Number 4 Mean for 2020?

So, in 2020, we’ll likely see a rise in the creation of many different organizations, either for social justice, climate change, etc. An increase in safety and security will also be a point of focus this year. This is a business-minded number, it likes to have a plan and excuse it, so a lot of global issues that have been going on for the past year will finally start developing solid solutions. The number 4 is also a decisive number, so we’ll be faced with difficult choices that could affect us for years to come. It’s no surprise that 2020 is an election year in the United States.

The 4’s energy is very serious and disciplined; for instance, this will not be the wild, high energy year we had in 2019—a 3 year. This is a very steady, consistent flow of energy that may border on being just a bit dull. Remember: 4 is the builder of the zodiac; it’s taking time to build a solid fountain for many years to come. Change this year will not happen overnight, but will slowly grow over time. Remember: Hard work pays off big in the long run.

How to Harness the 4 Energy in 2020

With a vision of what you want to achieve in 2020, you’ll be able to accomplish anything. Thus, this year is not about visualizing your goals, but creating a tangible plan to make them a reality. But it won’t come easy; you’re going to have to get your hands dirty. This a great year to go to school or learn a new trade. This is the time to start planning for retirement, start a savings account, or make a plan to pay off your debt (and actually stick with it). You already created your goal—now do the work to make it happen!

What 2020 Has in Store for You Based on Your Life Path Number

The effects of this year will be different for every number. Some life path numbers can find a 4 year great for getting things done while others may feel incredibly bored. We’ve got your 2020 numeroscopes right here. If you don’t know your number, check out our life path number calculator find out!

1: Focus Your Energies

As a 1 life path, you love novelty; you’re the happiest when you starting a new project or new adventure. However, the 4 is all about following through on a project until the end. So this year, instead of starting multiple projects (which you might never complete) focus on one of your many goals and work hard on it. Whether it’s changing careers, going back to school, or starting a business, focus on your goal and you can reach it.

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2: Inner Peace Is Yours

You have the biggest heart out of all the numbers in numerology, and while this is usually a good thing, it can also be very draining. In 2020, you will have a renewed focus on taking care of yourself and healing your emotional wounds before you take on everyone else’s issues. The road to inner peace can look like multiple things: financial stability, emotional wellness, healthy relationship—but it will make you feel wonderful.

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3: Time to Grow Up

Oh, 3, you will always be a child at heart, but this is the year of major adulting. Bank account a mess? Bouncing from job to job, doing whatever you feel like? That is not going to fly this year. Time to buckle down and get serious about where your life is going. 2020 may be a year of growing pains, but it will be worth it in the long run.

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4: Big Opportunities Are Coming

This is your year to shine, 4! The universe is working in your favor to make it the best year ever! All the goals and ambitions you have been working toward in the last few years will finally come to fruition. Celebrate it, but don’t stop your hard work. Keep the momentum.

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5: Stick to Routine

On the surface, 2020 might seem like a dull year for you with minimal shake-ups or high energy adventures. However, there’s nothing wrong with being a little dull. In fact, this lull in the action can be a great way to get your life in order. If you find yourself being pulled in multiple directions, this is a great time to pick a path and stick to it. Be very careful with your decisions and think things through—you won’t be able to talk your way out of things easily this year.

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6: Wedding Bells Are Ringing

2020 for you is the year of big commitments. If you are dating, it’s time to take the plunge and get hitched. If you are not dating anyone or already married, this also the year to start looking for a serious romantic relationship or to start a family (or add to your family). Whatever you end up doing, this is the year to solidify commitments and get serious about the important relationships in your life.

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7: The Year of Self-Discovery

As a 7 life path, you are always searching for something, whether it’s knowledge or interpersonal connects. In 2020, you’ll be unraveling the mysteries of yourself. If something feels missing your life, dive into discovering why you feel like this. Learn about what makes you…you! Your life will be relatively stable this year, giving you a great opportunity to find yourself. Start searching!

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8: Financial Success Is on Its Way

As an 8 life path, you have a very interesting relationship with money, either you are swimming it or your bank account is tapped out. Luckily, this year you’ll be on a finical upswing with you hard working paying.  Enjoy this success. Don’t spend it all in one place, however. Make sure to start or add to an savings account to learn how to properly invest in money, it will pay off later.

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9: Develop Your Social Conscious

As the idealist of numerology, you are always interested in fighting for a cause, and this year you’ll find the cause to champion. Whether it’s climate change or social justice issues, you are incredibly passionate about your beliefs. But this is the year of action, so don’t just tweet about the ills of the world—go and fix it. Learn about social issues, donate to charity, volunteer at a homeless shelter. Get out there and make the world just a little bit better.

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11: Love Is in the Air

This is your year to find love, 11! 2020 is filled with romance, together and emotional security. If you are single, you won’t be by the end of the year. If you are with someone, expect an even deeper connection. Keep your heart open and trust that the universe will send you the love you’ve been seeking.

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22: Feel a Higher Vibration

This year will feel different than the previous years—in the best possible way. During the year, you’ll discover you’ll have an increase in energy and just a positive outlook on like. Success will come to you often this year, and whatever you put your mind too will come into reality. Keep your vision and plan for your success.

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