2022: Year of the Water Tiger

The year of the water Tiger roars to life on February 1, 2022. This is quite a contrast after the plodding, nose-to-the-grindstone energy of the metal Ox of 2021. Tiger energy has a dual nature. There will be excitement, clashes of ideas, dramatic highs, and swan-dive lows. There will also be periods of absolute stillness as the Tiger waits for its prey to drop their guard. For you, 2022 is about having clear goals, being patient until the timing is right, and then moving forward with bold confidence and utter commitment.

When it comes to relationships, the energy of the water Tiger is social and adventurous. You could fall in love quickly and completely. You might run away with someone (at least for a weekend). Water Tiger energy is territorial, and when you’re in a relationship, there could be jealousy. You’re keeping an eye on the competition. When passion ignites, it’s the loud, rambunctious energy of true pleasure. But there can also be arguments. The water Tiger is always up for a fight.

When it comes to fun and friendships, the water Tiger wants to be immersed in the experience. It’s not about working hard or amassing stuff; it’s about exploits and escapades. You want to come away with a story you can tell over and over. You don’t need to collect loads of friends, but you do need those individuals who will watch your back and not try to take what’s yours.

Families can grow closer taking vacations and doing home projects together. You might find you’re more protective of your family this year. There’s a focus on communication, and you’re very interested in finding out the truth. You could be more vigilant with children and notice when they cross your boundaries.

Financial markets could be volatile in 2022. There could be big fluctuations in prices that benefit a few traders but frustrate most people. Because of the short attention span of the water Tiger, timing the markets will be particularly difficult. In business, being bold can bring benefits. You might gravitate to high-stakes negotiations or leveraged investments, but the odds are not in your favor. However, these challenges can bring out your courage and help you overcome any blocks to prosperity.

The water Tiger energy looks for excitement and hates to be bored, so you might change jobs in 2022. Some large, established companies will sink into bankruptcy and obscurity. New tech companies will emerge as juggernauts. Remote work will continue to be plentiful. In 2022, you will seek independence and value self-reliance. You might start a business, change vocations, or go back to school. You might downsize so you can work in an industry that you like and believe in, all in the name of freedom.

Overall, the year of the water Tiger can be a time of extremes and rebellion. It starts on a dramatic note but could end like a tired kitten ready for a nap. You’re likely to have exciting, interesting, and profitable opportunities between February and November 2022, and then you’ll get a break for the rest of the lunar year to count the spoils.