Welcome to 2022 and the year of the water Tiger! Tiger, this is your year! Over the last 12 months, it's likely that you have felt blocked from every direction. Now the obstacles are gone, and it's time to leap forward. There are so many possibilities, you may not know where to start. This year, the resources of the world are available to help you.

Year of the Tiger is here! Find out what’s in store for you!

2022 marks the first of your three seed-planting years. In the 12-year cycle, it's the beginning of spring and time to do new things. Tiger, the old hunting grounds are used up, and now you're in a new territory. You can change dwellings, go back to school, start a business, change career directions, and make many new friends. This year, you will notice periods of intense activity followed by the need to take a nap.

In the water Tiger year, you're quite focused on your inner life. The externals may not match up quite yet. But as long as you're in motion, you are moving toward an improved work environment, a better dwelling, and happier relationships. Consider incorporating some daily spiritual practices such as meditation, journaling, or prayer.

There is an emphasis on getting your finances in order in 2022. Tiger, you may be paying down debt or starting a new investment portfolio. New sources of income are possible. What starts out as a trickle could increase substantially over the next few years.

Overall, the word for Tiger is “innovation.” When in doubt, try something new.


In the year of the water Tiger, there’s a focus on novelty and doing new things. This could bring new relationships of all kinds. You'll be connecting with new friends. But additionally, an existing relationship could change into something completely new. You could become very close to someone who was just an acquaintance before. If you're already in a love relationship, it's important to break free of negative habits. Clear up any conflicts between the two of you. For single Tigers, you may find yourself in a relationship with someone who’s not exactly your usual "type". But somehow, it works beautifully as you take a step forward into a whole new relationship.

March 18 brings a full moon at which several new connections are possible. You may be involved in a community organization or networking group. Put yourself in charge of the welcoming committee, and you’ll become acquainted with some new business allies—and possibly even a new BFF!

Around the time of the new moon on July 28, communication is key. Tiger, you and your sweetheart may butt heads over a minor issue. If you have had this debate before, it might be good for you to give way. It's far better to be happy than right.

There is a solar eclipse on October 25. At this time, Tiger, you could meet your new love interest through someone you know at your job or through your industry. Sparks can fly, and you could see fireworks spelling out the word "romance."

Family & Friends

Tiger, 2022 promises to be a year in which you experience greater strength and flexibility. This could be related to a sport that you do with your friends, making it all the more enjoyable. Still, some caution is needed to protect your hands and feet. Any injuries should be tended to with care so they can heal quickly.

There is a lunar eclipse on May 15. And around this time, Tiger, you may find that you’ve been overindulging in a particular snack. This can cause some physical symptoms and a need to cut back. Being single-minded when it comes to certain foods can lead to weight gain.

Around the new moon on November 23, a friend may ask you to join them in an activity that requires some physical and mental preparation. They may invite you to camp in some extreme winter temperatures, or do some cross-country skiing. Tiger, you're up for the challenge!


There are plenty of resources open to Tiger in 2022. You can get a new job or even consider an entirely new profession. You may not be clear on what you want, but this is a great time to explore possibilities. Even if you think you don't have the qualifications, submit your resume anyway. You may be surprised at the doors that open! Additionally, you can receive great benefits from becoming more efficient. Look at ways to hone your processes, eliminate procrastination, and mitigate distractions. Getting more done in less time is your key to success.

The full moon on March 18 brings a possible career win. You might be singled out for a new position or for an award. If you're in the process of securing a new job, you can negotiate for a higher salary. This is a time to boldly ask for what you want.

May 15 ushers in a lunar eclipse, and some extra work for Tiger. Your office or team may be shorthanded with someone out on leave, and you're left to pick up the slack. If you're a business owner, you could be inundated with orders or client requests. You might have to hire some help.

On November 23, there’s a new moon, and a new business partnership is possible. You and a friend can get together to create a side hustle with great prospects. Pulling your knowledge together and supporting each other can help you succeed. Remember, though, that Tigers are quite territorial. Keep your roles well-defined to maintain harmony in this arrangement.


A new source of income is quite possible this year. In 2022, you may find it easier to negotiate a higher salary at a new job than to convince your current company to give you a raise. There are numerous investment opportunities for the savvy Tiger. You’ll be able to find help with your questions and receive expert advice when you ask. You may find your own goldmine when you start to explore new types of investments with the help of experienced guides.

The lunar eclipse on May 15 can bring you a windfall connected with real estate or a family treasure. You may be joining forces with another to find an investment property or start a business.

The new moon on November 23 can help you connect with wealth creation energy. Tiger, a helpful person could assist you in funding your business or reducing your debt load with lower interest rates.