It’s said that Tigers and Pigs are secret friends, and this is key to your success this year. The energy of 2022 is less calm than you like, and possibly less comforting. But despite this, Pig, there are plenty of opportunities for you. You may feel tempted to run from project to project. But it's better to pause and listen to your heart. Your intuition and connection with family (and spiritual family) give you strength. Their suggestions and insights will be invaluable.

Year of the Tiger is here! Find out what’s in store for you!

2022 begins your first of three seed-tending years. In your 12-year cycle, it's the beginning of summer: The air is warming up, and there’s a sense of enjoyment in life. You want to play. You want a vacation. But these desires have to be balanced with the myriad of opportunities that will be coming your way. You may just be too busy to take a break. Look at what brings you benefit in life, and put your energy in that direction.

In the water Tiger year, there's a lot of energy around dwellings. You may be renovating the house or even moving. This is a good year to let go of excess stuff and make necessary repairs. You could make money through rental property or by renting out a room.

Your upbringing also comes into play in 2022. You are able to transform childhood lessons and any hardships you had growing up into real strengths this year.

Overall, the word for Pig is “foundation.” Notice your footing before you begin to climb.


In the water Tiger year, your relationships are generally good. Others are noticing your many good qualities and are lining up to spend time with you, Pig. But there can be scheduling challenges, especially with a particular friend who shows up late and doesn't seem to value your time. This long-term friendship may shift to being more of an acquaintance.

If you're already in a love relationship, there are happy times ahead. You're spending time together, showing affection to each other, and being supportive. If you're looking for love, it's good to take a subtle approach. Make your feelings known, and then wait until you get the green light to move forward.

On April 16, it's a full moon—and Pig, you’re the belle of the ball! Your charisma is shining, and you are being pursued by an interesting stranger. This person seems to be fascinated with your style, and they engage you in conversation every chance they get. Could it be love?

Around the time of the new moon on August 27, you and your sweetheart are ready to shut out the rest of the world and have some quality time together. Pig, you may be running off for a little adventure, just the two of you.

At the solar eclipse on October 25, your plans could be turned upside down when more than one friend reaches out to you. This could be an impromptu party, or a Zoom cocktail hour. You may be overwhelmed by how much your friends love and care about you.

Family & Friends

In general, the water Tiger year is a better health year for Pig. That said, your health can be challenged by extreme temperature changes. It's wise to take precautions, making sure you have blankets for cold weather and fans for hot weather. Also make sure that you have a place to stay in case your home loses power.

At the new moon on March 31, you will likely be looking at how to get better quality sleep. Pig, you could go to a sleep clinic. You may be renovating the bedroom, adding blackout shades. Or you may simply find yourself a better pillow.

There is a solar eclipse on October 25. And Pig, you're looking good! You have likely been sticking to a healthy eating plan. But be aware that travel plans could throw you off. You might want to strategize how you can eat healthy foods while you're on the road and visiting others.


The water Tiger year brings you opportunities to make more money at your current job. But a real jump in salary could come from changing jobs. It would be good to work with a resume coach to help you with the ins and outs of interviewing. This year, you have more luck than usual and can take career risks. You may find that you don't even need a higher degree for a great new job.

April 16 brings a full moon where you are easily seen. This could mean that you’re at the front of the room giving a PowerPoint presentation, or receiving some accolades from a happy customer. Pig, this is a good time to ask for a raise or a shift in schedule.

Around the solar eclipse on October 25, you have the opportunity to learn something new. This new skill set could translate into a valuable commodity for you in the future. You may be testing for a professional license at this time. If this is the case, give yourself some time off to study.

By the time of the full moon on December 7, you could be receiving a sales award or customer service recognition for a job well done. This will make a nice addition to your resume, Pig, especially if you are looking for a higher position. You may even be able to get a testimonial from a past supervisor to help you move up in the company or find a new job.


The water Tiger year brings large financial opportunities to Pig. That is, if you're willing to step outside your comfort zone. There could be business or career opportunities bringing more recognition and a larger paycheck. If you're in sales, you can do exceptionally well. Boost your possibilities for success by doing financial meditations, or putting together a goal board and hanging it in a prominent place in your office.

The solar eclipse on April 30 could reveal money opportunities connected with writing and publishing, or involving people who live a great distance away. Pig, you may be doing something in import/export, or investing in emerging markets. It’s time to explore new opportunities!

The full moon on September 10 can bring a very lucrative partnership. You may find a mentor or influencer who is willing to collaborate with you. The instruction and advice you receive could be worth more than a college degree. This can set the foundation to build a strong revenue stream.