There can be real joy for Dog during the water Tiger year. Social opportunities abound. You can rejoin your pack in fun activities, racing up and down the hills. You are more popular than ever this year. Your connections in the community blossom into career and relationship opportunities. You might be attending parties, joining groups, or taking a public service role in the community. Some Dog natives may even run for political office.

Year of the Tiger is here! Find out what’s in store for you!

2022 puts you in the middle of the seed-tending time of your 12-year cycle. This is the height of summer, when the weather is warm and the sun is shining brightly. This is the time when the opportunities you have been looking for suddenly explode on the scene. Your services are now in demand. Interested parties are pursuing you. Your dance card is full.

In the water Tiger year, there's a focus on risk-taking. Now, when you have so much support from friends and loved ones, it's time to do something outside your comfort zone. You have the ability to break through glass ceilings and leap over obstacles. You can break the rules when it comes to love and money.

In 2022, you are more creative. You are able to take resources and use them in new ways. You can apply one skill set to an entirely different type of work. Or you may do something really adventurous, like picking the whole family up and moving across the country.

Overall, the word for Dog is “passion.” Enthusiasm will give you the advantage.


In relationships of all kinds, there's generally good energy for Dog in 2022. Still, there is the challenge that you may not have a lot of time for cultivating new friendships or partnerships. In the water Tiger year, you are becoming better friends with your partner. You are able to rely on each other, and you're becoming a true team. If you're looking for love, you’ll do best by trusting your own opinion and not rushing into making decisions. Someone who is interested in you may have different values, and you’ll have to weigh this with other factors before committing to the person.

Around the time of the new moon on May 30, there may be a lot of discussion about living arrangements. This could involve roommates and their friends. Or your family may be having a discussion about whether to change residences.

The solar eclipse on October 25 may find you making a big announcement. You could be introducing a new sweetheart to friends and family. Dog, this is cause for celebration, as the news brings in congratulations from many branches of the family. You may be pushed toward making this relationship more permanent.

December 7 brings both a full moon and a possible new BFF into your life. Someone you've met recently is turning out to be one of the most interesting people you've met in a long time. You love their sense of humor and their choice of music. Dog, this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship!

Family & Friends

Dog, you're usually quite healthy, as you get a lot of exercise and have social connections that boost your mood. And the water Tiger year is no exception. You’re likely to enjoy fun activities such as pickup basketball, tennis, or badminton. Though you may be tempted, extreme sports like parkour are not advised... unless you're wearing a lot of protective gear!

At the new moon on May 30, it may be time for a kitchen overhaul. Other members of the family may have brought in a lot of tempting foods. And while you're generally a healthy eater, you can overeat when the food is extra delicious! Dog, this is a good time to get processed foods out of the house.

Around the lunar eclipse on November 8, you may be helping a friend learn the proper way to exercise. Together, you can hit some training goals. Dog, you could also be purchasing home exercise equipment at this time.


Your career is quite stable this year. Occasionally, someone might ask you to take on a new project. But your plate is pretty full already. You may opt for flexibility, so you can have more time with family and friends. Still, the energy is aligned whenever you want to step into the spotlight, get a new job, or move up in the company. Work behind the scenes to get all your ducks in a row, and then step forward to pursue your objective.

On April 30, there will be a solar eclipse. This is an excellent time to speak to your supervisor about a salary increase, or how to move up in the company. Additionally, Dog, someone may reach out to you with a business proposal. You could consider going in with a startup company, as long as the compensation package warrants the risk.

Around the full moon on August 11, you may receive appreciation for the extra hours that you've been putting in. Dog, this is a good time to suggest systemic changes to streamline what you do. You may also be working with an intern or a new employee and showing them the ropes.

Looking ahead to the new moon on December 23, someone could approach you with a great opportunity. This is especially possible if you own a business and are looking to partner with someone who has cash or experience. If you're looking for work, Dog, it's also quite easy to get hired now.


There are big financial opportunities for Dog in 2022, but you will need to look to find them. It's beneficial to set financial intentions through affirmation or meditation. Dog, this could help you become a money magnet! You may also have dreams or increased intuition about investment matters. Couple this with some good old-fashioned investigation, and you could do some very successful transactions.

March 31 brings a new moon with exceptionally good energy for Dog when it comes to buying and selling investments. You're able to sniff out a good deal for tangible products as well. If a contract is involved, you should also be able to negotiate for a great deal.

The full moon on September 10 could bring you a financial gift. This could take the form of cash from a relative, or it may involve a business opportunity. Perhaps you may even receive a no-interest loan at just the right moment.