There are plenty of opportunities for Rat as the water Tiger strides into view. Last year, you may have been scrambling to keep up with all of the obligations and new projects you've started. But in 2022, you’re more established in your job, more comfortable at home, and your circle of friends is expanding. The steep upward path that you chose last year now levels out. It's perfectly paved, and you can step on the gas!

Year of the Tiger is here! Find out what’s in store for you!

2022 marks the third seed planting year in your 12-year cycle. It's like late spring, and what you've planted in the way of relationships and social and career connections is starting to sprout. Your crops are still fragile now, breaking through the surface to reach for the sun. There's still work to do to secure opportunities and find the flow. But you're well on your way. This year, there will be moments when you can put down your hoe and fit in a little vacation.

In the water Tiger year, you're quite focused on finances. You may be shifting toward a more minimalistic lifestyle, to concentrate on acquiring experiences rather than material objects. You may also let go of stuff in your garage, attic, or storage unit that has accumulated for far too long.

Responsibility and integrity will be associated with Rat in 2022. Others will look up to you and admire how you follow through on promises and show up on time.

Overall, the word for Rat is "opportunity." Knock on doors, and more than one will open.


Rat, you are naturally talented with relationships and communication. But in the year of the water Tiger, you may be chasing after people rather than letting them come to you. You move fast and are impatient at times. Wait for others to catch up. Focus on other things until a connection or friendship comes together. In 2022, impatience hampers progress.

The full moon on April 16 brings positive energy for love relationships, with romance, mutual enjoyment, and private time together. You may spend quite a bit of time talking to each other about future plans. At the same time, sweet romantic notions are whispered to each other. The Tiger year is a highly romantic period, where you can be swept off your feet by some enthusiastic lovemaking. Rat, make your feelings known, and the two of you can tumble into love together!

You can expand your circle of friends around the August 11 full moon. In the water Tiger year, some work that you’ve been doing within the community or a humanitarian organization can give you great social connections. Consider helping with a fundraising event or gala. You may also be meeting online friends for the first time in real life this year!

The partial solar eclipse on October 25 lights up your area of intimacy and honesty. You can find out the truth, and this can strengthen your love relationship. But some Rats will find that a business partnership may not be as solid as you’d hoped. This could bring some changes.

Family & Friends

In this year of the water Tiger, Rat, you may find yourself taking up running or some other high-intensity activity. This could be a time where you do more swimming, rock climbing, or biking. Vigorous exercise can be good, but it's important to stretch and prepare yourself before you jump into any new exercise. This year, take extra good care of your feet by getting good shoes.

The new moon on March 2 ushers in a couple of weeks of focusing on healthful practices and creating positive habits. You may expand your yoga practice or take up meditation. Rat, also consider increasing the amount of water you’re drinking at this time.

After a flurry of activity in late August and early September, the full moon on September 10 signals that you need a break. This is a great time to take a week off (or at least a few days) to pamper yourself.


Career energy turns positive for you in the year of the water Tiger. Rat, any action taken towards career will pay you dividends. There is potential for obtaining a new position with increased power and responsibility. If you stay in your current job, you may receive some company-wide recognition or move up within your department. But all of this is predicated on you taking the initial step. Action leads to opportunities.

March 2 ushers in a new moon, and some changeable energy around your job. If you are looking for work, this is the ideal time to set up interviews or negotiate salary increases. If you own a business, Rat, you may be rebranding or substantially changing your website. During this month, you're quite focused on success, and you could achieve a milestone goal.

Around the full moon on August 12, what seems like a setback could actually help you dodge a bullet. Rat, you might be shut out of a project, only to find later that the funding is inadequate or the team has lost an important member. Your guardian angel is with you during this time. So if you are denied something in the water Tiger year, recognize that you're actually being protected.

October 25 brings a partial solar eclipse in your area of resources. You may qualify for additional job perks. You could become vested for stock options, qualify for a bonus program, or get some funding for additional education. Luck is on your side at this time.


There is a lot of financial activity for Rat during the Tiger year. Over the course of the year, there could be fluctuations in the amount of your salary. But as you focus on finances, you can see your accounts grow. Keeping better track of your money helps you to accumulate funds.

You could be making investments at the very beginning of the year, at the new moon on January 31. You may be buying new equipment for your business, or taking courses related to your career. This chunk of change is well spent and will bring dividends throughout the water Tiger year.

The lunar eclipse on May 15 could bring an investment opportunity connected to a longtime friend. This person may want you to partner with them in business, or join them to purchase investment real estate. Rat, this is an excellent time to consider joining forces with a trusted partner to make a major investment.